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PLEASE HELP,Need to renew license by end of month


How can I get my CE's that quick? Is there a dependable web site or something I can go to? If so,how do I prove to the board that I have these hours? I totally forgot and now I am freaking out. Please help. Oh yes, I am in Texas. Thanks in advance. Julie


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There is a website called http://www.medscape.com for you to go and get free and fairly quick CEUs. Make sure you view presentations with CE or CE/CME next to it. CME alone will not give you the correct credits. At the end there is a short quiz on the topic ( which you can retake over and over until correct). Then it will bring up a certificate with the # of credits you received. You can print it out however it will always be in your account online. Hope this helps... Good luck

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go to sites provided by manufacturer's of medical equipment. Like Baxter, Medline, Cardinal, Atrium. They generally have free CE's.

Once you have renewed, put on your calendar to do CNE quarterly at a minimum. Don't forget ACLS, PALS, TNCC, ENPC - if you have not claimed them before you can use those hours. Rule 216 of the NPA in Texas does not allow you to get CNE for renewal courses.

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Texas Health Steps has free CEUs, lots of them:

Texas Health Steps

I use this and RN.com, which does have a small selection of free CEUs. They change periodically, so if you check in every so often, you can rack up the free ones. Plus with your account you can keep track of them easily!

I try very hard not to pay for CEUs, and so far I have never had to!

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Here in Va we are not required to earn CEUS, but my job does requires us to , so I always go to Medscape. I haven't paid for a CEU yet!

I use Net CE:

NetCE - 30 Contact Hours for only $39

You do have to read the material, but I find it generally well written and interesting, as well as reasonably priced. you can print out your certificate of completion from the website, after paying.


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CME can get 30 CU

Elite CONTINUING ED. also 30 CU

On both sites you can have them in a couple hours or by the end of the day. The Certificate e-mailed to you.

Thanks to you all for your help. :) I am now caught up. Have a great weekend

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Others have provided you with the information to get the CEUs you need, it seems, but I want to answer the other part of your question. You don't "prove" anything to the board unless you are audited. When you renew your license, you will likely have to sign something or click some button if doing it online affirming that you have completed your required CEUs but that's it. The board will contact you if they require further information. At least that's how it's done in every state I'm aware of- I've never heard of a BON requiring hard copies of CEUs for everyone. You can probably find all the information you need on the Texas BON website.


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Thanks to you all for your help. :) I am now caught up. Have a great weekend

You're welcome.