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    I have been asked to work up an analysis of the relative costs of starting a ADN vs a BSN program at a small rural state college. The administration sees the ADN as a cheaper alternative and believes that a BSN can be easily "added on" as the program grows. From my perspective, the biggest expense is finding qualified faculty and paying them, but I am not convinced that ADN faculty would come cheaper than BSN faculty, nor that fewer would be required. In addition, with a 4 year program, the school has 4 years of tuition per student to put into the program (as well as other requirements), rather than two. Any advice or comments gratefully welcomed!!!
  2. bookwormom

    Schedule II prescribing query

    I would go with the board letter, until you have something else in writing. I would not prescribe the schedule II drugs until the board gives you the go-ahead.
  3. My question is whether any of you work in colleges where APA format is taught in an Introductory Writing class, or do you have to teach it to your students? Our English Department doesn't teach APA format, although many majors require it.
  4. bookwormom

    Would an accredited BSN cancel my unaccredited ADN

    North Central is National Accreditation, at least for the school as a whole. At least you have that.
  5. bookwormom

    new onset diarrhea with long term metformin

    He is very much a follower of guidelines-- from the professional organizations, from the insurance company, and I think, from his employer. Although I consider him competent, he is difficult to communicate with because of a very heavy accent, and some cultural differences. He did mention I could discontinue the generic meds, but didn't follow through on his initial comment. I now have a prescription for the brand name product and am doing well. (The pharmacist called his office and got the change made.) You may ask why I stay with this physician. I live in a rural area with a lot of provider turnover. This physician has been here probably for 10 years and shows no sign of leaving. Continuity is worth a lot.
  6. This is not a request for medical advice, but an observation, and a suggestion. I took Metformin Extended Release for many years without significant side effects and reasonable glucose control. Over recent months, I developed severe, unpredictable diarrhea. I tried changing the times I took the meds, to no avail. I stopped taking Metformin and the diarrhea ceased completely, but my glucose levels were higher. Subsequently, I asked the pharmacist for a two week supply of the brand name product: Glucophage XR. Like magic, my blood glucose improved and my GI symptoms have not returned. (I hope my physician can be persuaded to order the brand name product in the future.) My pharmacy had changed generic metformin manufacturers, and my suspicion is that the recent generic formulation I was using was causing the GI problems. Here is my observation: Although the metformin literature states that initial GI side effects will resolve, it seems to be a possibility that people who have been on metformin for a long time can have new and severe GI symptoms. This is not a minor side effect; it affected my ability to work and carry out my daily activities. Here is my request: Listen to patients and believe them when they say they are having problems with metformin. Be an advocate. My doctor didn't listen to me, but my pharmacist did. I'm wondering if my experience might be common. Several people I have spoken to say they have severe diarrhea with metformin, but are willing to live with it because they believe it "shows the medication is working". I'm also wondering if there is a varying pattern of GI side effects with different metformin manufacturers.
  7. bookwormom

    Bedpan? Why not a Poise pad?

    Baby powder does help with bedpans, but there is still the concern that it is a respiratory irritant, and I have seen it linked to ovarian cancer, too, although I don't know how strong the relationship is.
  8. bookwormom

    "Please pray for me to pass"...?

    I don't think I would be able to judge the quality of someone else's relationship with God. Not sure anyone really can. I generally assume they are sincere.
  9. bookwormom

    "Please pray for me to pass"...?

    Clearly there are different opinions about the validity and the reasonableness of petitionary prayer. This is an interesting matter for discussion. I am, however, reluctant to criticize anyone (NCLEX candidate or otherwise) who engages in heartfelt prayer or who requests prayer or who makes an honest attempt to explain God's influence in his or her life. Beliefs and practices I do not personally share in may still represent another person's profound attempt to relate to God. I do not find these sincere attempts offensive or deserving of criticism.
  10. bookwormom

    "Please pray for me to pass"...?

    It seems to me that if you consider a posted request unrealistic or inappropriate in relation to your own beliefs, then all you have to do is ignore it. And if a prayer request speaks to you, why then, of course you can join in that prayer. But why criticize another person's approach to God, or their understanding of prayer? Surely we can respect individual differences.
  11. bookwormom

    What can you do with a nursing degree besides nursing?

    I'd say, give the NCLEX another try, perhaps with a different study approach. Once you get into nursing, you will find that there are different things you can do, and many do not involve traditional nursing care. But you do have options. Yes, you can do other things, perhaps pharmaceutical sales, substitute teaching or any job which requires a Bachelors degree, but doesn't specifiy a particular discipline. You might look at your state's civil service list and put your name in for jobs which only require a college education.
  12. bookwormom

    Why does this man's personality change instantly

    I agree that the online poster's approach is inappropriate. However, where is the professional nursing leadership? What plan has been developed for dealing with this patient's behavior? Surely the problem is evident to others in the facility.
  13. bookwormom

    Alterations in thought

    I looked in Psychiatric Nursing:Assessment, Care Plans and Medications, by Townsend. Apparently some opf the nursing Diagnoses we used to use in Psychiatric Nursing have been "retired". I suppose you have to look at self care, safety, coping, etc if you are not going to directly address the disordered thinking.
  14. bookwormom

    Require statistics for BSN?

    Thanks! (The problem is that our state limits the number of credits for a BS, and we are about 7 credits over at this time.) We'll probably stick with the straight Stats course.
  15. bookwormom

    Require statistics for BSN?

    I'm working on a curriculum for BSN students. One of the prerequisites to the nursing program is statistics. My question is, "Is undergraduate statistics essential as a prerequisite for nursing Grad school, or would a course in Research Methods be acceptable?" The students will still take a specific Nursing Research course. My concern is that our stats course is almost all math, with little content relating to research. The Research Methods course I have in mind would be more useful as a foundation for Nursing Research. Any advice welcome.
  16. bookwormom

    How to Dress for Psychiatric Nursing

    I worked PRN in a state psych hospital several years ago. Usually I wore plain slacks with a plain top and a short white lab coat with big pockets--I needed the pockets. I felt like the lab coat (along with my name tag) identified me as a nurse. In my area, several religious groups prohibit females wearing slacks, so some nurses may prefer conservative skirts. Although my beliefs do not require it, on several occasions I wore a longish loose skirt and felt quite comfortable in it. The right skirt gives you plenty of coverage and freedom of movement.