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  1. This would not be a problem on the admissions committees I have worked with.
  2. adn VS bsN ADMINISTRATIVE $$$

    I have been asked to work up an analysis of the relative costs of starting a ADN vs a BSN program at a small rural state college. The administration sees the ADN as a cheaper alternative and believes that a BSN can be easily "added on" as the program...
  3. Schedule II prescribing query

    I would go with the board letter, until you have something else in writing. I would not prescribe the schedule II drugs until the board gives you the go-ahead.
  4. Is APA taught in Intro English class?

    My question is whether any of you work in colleges where APA format is taught in an Introductory Writing class, or do you have to teach it to your students? Our English Department doesn't teach APA format, although many majors require it.
  5. Would an accredited BSN cancel my unaccredited ADN

    North Central is National Accreditation, at least for the school as a whole. At least you have that.
  6. Hesi test service for out of country students

    The HESI Evolve website is : I should think they would offer the test to anyone who was willing to pay the fees.
  7. I agree that Plantar Fasciitis is treatable. You may need to see a podiatrist. The pain can be so severe; it is hard to believe it can be treated, but it certainly can.
  8. new onset diarrhea with long term metformin

    He is very much a follower of guidelines-- from the professional organizations, from the insurance company, and I think, from his employer. Although I consider him competent, he is difficult to communicate with because of a very heavy accent, and...
  9. This is not a request for medical advice, but an observation, and a suggestion. I took Metformin Extended Release for many years without significant side effects and reasonable glucose control. Over recent months, I developed severe, unpredict...
  10. Bedpan? Why not a Poise pad?

    Baby powder does help with bedpans, but there is still the concern that it is a respiratory irritant, and I have seen it linked to ovarian cancer, too, although I don't know how strong the relationship is.
  11. Chamberlain Nursing School... Is it worth it???

    Are you working in health care now? Here are two suggestions: 1)Get a job in a health care related field, such as CNA. it will give you some experience and help you have a better idea of nursing. or 2) Consider other health related careers, which may...
  12. Chamberlain Nursing School... Is it worth it???

    Personally, I'd choose a public or private school over a for-profit school every time, even if I had to wait a few years to get in. I don't know anything about the school, but for-profit schools have been under increased scrutiny lately.
  13. "Please pray for me to pass"...?

    I don't think I would be able to judge the quality of someone else's relationship with God. Not sure anyone really can. I generally assume they are sincere.
  14. "Please pray for me to pass"...?

    Clearly there are different opinions about the validity and the reasonableness of petitionary prayer. This is an interesting matter for discussion. I am, however, reluctant to criticize anyone (NCLEX candidate or otherwise) who engages in heartfelt...
  15. "Please pray for me to pass"...?

    It seems to me that if you consider a posted request unrealistic or inappropriate in relation to your own beliefs, then all you have to do is ignore it. And if a prayer request speaks to you, why then, of course you can join in that prayer. But why c...