Please help. Got an academic dishonesty record on my transcript.

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Hi guys. I am now finishing up with my nursing pre-requisites at a community college and I will be done by the end of this Spring. When I took A&P 1, I cheated on my test and got caught. I feel really really bad and I swear I'm a good student with a 3.7 GPA. This cheating was my first time because I lost my grandpa at that week and I had a really hard time concentrating on reviewing for the test. I wanted to get a good grade. I just want to ask what should I do? I am applying for 4 year universities and colleges now but I heard having an academic dishonesty record on your transcript is kind of a deal-breaker. Anyway, hope someone can give me some advice. Thanks.

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20+ years ago I had a similar incident that resulted in an unnecessary cheating mark on my transcript, but that's the price you pay regardless of how it happened.

However, I have not had any problems with getting into other schools because of it. I had to explain myself once, but I made it pretty clear that I had learned from that mistake and moved on. It's more embarrassing than anything really.


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With nursing school being so competitive these days, it might affect you. If its between you and someone else for a spot in a program...they will most likely choose someone who does not have an academic dishonesty on their transcript. I understand the reason you did it, but it still wasn't right. When things don't go right for you in life, you can't cheat your way through it. Sorry that you were having a rough time, but nursing schools are hard on cheaters and anyone who is caught cheating the first time is usually kicked out of the program. Good luck.


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I agree with MaddieM, we had some students cheat on a basic nursing diagnosis sheet that resulted in some students being dismissed from the program and those students to this day still can't get into any other programs because of it. generally nursing schools are more strict on cheating because they expect much more from you and this isn't a profession you can cheat in. I would talk to an advisor and see if there is anything you can do.


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Hello there,

I am wondering if any of you who are already in nursing program used to have academic dishonesty record?

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It would surprise me. Can you be more specific as to your situation? If this was ten years ago, I am sure they'd be willing to give you a chance. Last year, maybe not so much.


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\ said:
It would surprise me. Can you be more specific as to your situation? If this was ten years ago' date=' I am sure they'd be willing to give you a chance. Last year, maybe not so much.

Hi,thank you so your input. I cheated on a test and got caught. My grandpa passed away during the week I was preparing the test and it just ....well....I could not concentrate because of the sorrow. But my grades are you think I have a shot in getting into nursing programs? They require an explanation of why you have this record and provide them with how you improved yourself.

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Good day, yvette1222:

What I'm about to ask is between you, God, and the school. There's zero need for you to respond to those questions in this forum.

  1. What changes have you made in your life so that if you were in the exact same situation (or close enough) you would not make the same mistake again?
  2. If you were given the opportunity to make the mistake you made right, apart from taking the test again and not cheating, what could you do to make the situation right?
  3. Why is this type of mistake such a big deal especially in the medical profession?
  4. Are you still making excuses for the mistake?

Again, think about those questions, pray about them.

Thank you.

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You keep pointing out that you are a good student because your grades are good, but how are the schools going to know that your grades are good from working hard and not cheating and just not getting caught before? That is what I think when I see "academic dishonesty". You do sound like you are making excuses, and if you use this attitude when interviewing I'm afraid that they will not see you as learning from your mistake. It does not matter what your circumstances are, you cheated, and there are people in worse situations that don't. If you do get an interview make sure you do not focus on why you feel like you were justified in cheating, focus on how you have learned to cope better and what you have learned from the experience.

How long ago did you receive the "academic dishonesty"?


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Hi yvette1222,

I'm sorry for your loss. That must have been hard for you. However, as you know, it's not an excuse for academic dishonesty.

Although I concede that grief is briefly crazy-making, I wonder, why did you not reach out to anyone (your advisor, professor, TAs, friends, etc.) when you were in trouble?

I suspect, that even if you were able to overcome this hurdle, that schools will wonder this too, and would like to know what you learned from the situation and how you would handle yourself should an event like this arise again.

Best of luck.



4 Articles; 10,428 Posts "feel really bad" but it seems that this is because you got CAUGHT, not because you CHEATED. Otherwise, why so much justification? Why so many excuses WHY, instead of focusing on what you learned that would make you NOT do this again? From what I'm seeing, you are happy to explain away the 'blemish' on your record but not take responsibility for it.

A 3.7 GPA means absolutely nothing from someone who was found guilty of cheating. How did you arrive at that GPA? How many other tests or assignments were not your own efforts? Can't blame me if I can't believe that this was your very first time and you happened to be caught at it.

You've been asked more than once how long ago this was, as it might be relevant....but you've not answered. I wonder what "help" you might be seeking?

Perhaps some might wonder why I seem harsh....maybe it's because I recall a student in my own nursing school class who was caught in an academic indiscretion (it wasn't cheating, but it wasn't wholly honest either) and was given the benefit of the doubt. She went on to graduate, work as an RN, and then get fired for falsifying records and diverting patient pain meds to herself. Kinda wish they nipped her in the bud, before she became a tumor her co-workers had to live with!