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Well...the end of the program is nearing pretty quickly. Am the only male in a class of 24 students. We are going to have a pinning ceremony, and the idea is to do it with class. We have been talking in class about what to wear. The women are going with old-school nursing attire, dress and nursing cap. But..being the only guy, am at a loss of what I am supposed to wear. Am thinking the old 'orderly' style white shirt and pants thing, but not having much luck finding it....

Any ideas?



I'd just skip it, lol.

Yes, now that scrubs have entirely taken over the healthcare world, it's become v. hard to find any other kind of uniform wear. If you think that ordinary white scrubs would be too casual, compared to the females, you might consider white scrubs with a lab coat over them.

Best wishes! I hope you'll have a great ceremony!

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The males in my program have to wear a white button down shirt, white pants, white shoes, and a black tie and belt. Good luck to them finding shades of white that match lol

I can see you having a time finding a white shirt, white slacks, and white oxfords. Reminds me of the uniform my dad used to wear and my poor mom had to keep his uniforms up with starch and pants stretchers and a very hot iron.

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Good luck to them finding shades of white that match lol

(snicker) It took me a second...

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For our pictures we just have to have a white shirt. For the actual ceremony everyone is just dressing up nicely. Thank god too, I hate wearing all white

If you want to wear "orderly" type clothes (white button down shirt with matching white pants) I can make the following suggestion. I volunteer at the local hospital and our dress code states that we need to wear bright white pants and a matching white button down shirt. I hate it and feel like I look like one of the orderlies from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. They sell white uniform clothes on the JC Penney website. Look for "Big Mac" under the "workwear" heading. I hate them but it might be just what you're looking for.

Cool..thanks for the tip..that is exactly what the women in the class have 'chosen' for me to just have to get them all to agree on what they will be wearing..they have yet to agree on the female attire..

I say wear a solid white suit.... Shirt. Tie. Jacket. Pants. All white.

Going with a variation of the school's nursing uniforms....white shirt, white school-provided nursing coat..a blue pants...our clinical (and classroom) uniform is white scrub top on navy blue a variation of that works for me..they want something different, they can pay for

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I say wear a solid white suit.... Shirt. Tie. Jacket. Pants. All white.

I say go with Travolta's outfit in Saturday Night Fever.

(I'm wearing a gray or black suit to my pinning ceremony)

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