Pinning Ceremony Uniform for Guys??

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Well...the end of the program is nearing pretty quickly. Am the only male in a class of 24 students. We are going to have a pinning ceremony, and the idea is to do it with class. We have been talking in class about what to wear. The women are going with old-school nursing attire, dress and nursing cap. But..being the only guy, am at a loss of what I am supposed to wear. Am thinking the old 'orderly' style white shirt and pants thing, but not having much luck finding it....

Any ideas?



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Hang in there bro, pretty soon you'll see other guys in the workplace and will soon forget this mundane silliness.

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No no, I got it. Its too bad there isnt another guy. Im seeing Dumb and Dumber tuxedos if there was

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u can thank me later:lol2:;)

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When I graduated from my nursing program (way back in '97) we had 2 or 3 male nurses and while the females had to wear the cap, white button down shirt, white jacket, white skirt, white hose and shoes, the men wore the same outfit minus the cap and pants instead of the skirt. It still looked very professional to our families and they all were very proud of us.

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