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Philosophy or English?


I am currently taking my pre requisites for nursing school and I am not sure which class I should take. Both of these classes are titled critical thinking and will both fill the pre-req. Phil is 3 credits and English is 4 Credits. Does anyone know which class would be easier.

Thank you in advance all,

pmabraham, BSN, RN

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Good day, thatnursingguy03:

English tends to be critical, and will most likely help you in every single class after you take it. It may or may not be harder than Philosophy, but would probably help you in Philosophy as it related to writing good papers for good grades in Philosophy.

Thank you.

Is it not a good idea to take both at the same time? I picked my classes and I picked english comp i and philosophy are part of my schedule.

nursingguy, the question you should be asking is NOT "which is easier" but rather "which would be more helpful to me in my nursing program?". Get used to that idea, as "easier" choices rarely result in "best" choices when it comes to these programs.

Philosophy as a pre-requisite for a nursing program is not commonplace, although a nice idea if you have room in your schedule for it as an elective.

What WILL without a doubt assist you in nursing core classes is English Composition. Honestly, I've never EVER heard of English NOT being a pre-requ requirement for this reason. If you don't have a solid foundation of how to research and write papers, you will be screwed when it comes to nursing program material, to put it bluntly.

I guess my opinion is quite clear :)

mindofmidwifery, ADN

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I agree with the pps. It makes most sense to take English. Every nursing program I've seen, English is a prereq. Philosophy may be an option but English would be most secure, regardless of what's easier.

Not knowing the school, the instructors, or the specific courses, we can't really say. Besides, what is easier at one point in time for one person might not be the same for another. Usually interdisciplinary courses with the same title are usually labelled as such and are treated the same way. An English major might want English 342 Critical Thinking on their transcript rather than Philosophy 342 Critical Thinking. Same course, just looks like they are emphasizing their English major.

English is going to be your best bet, but if you are able to, why not take both? If you only have to choose one, choose English over Philosophy and maybe in the future, you will be able to fit Philosophy in your schedule. I wouldn't look for what is easiest, but rather which class do you feel like you will benefit the most from going forward with your education.

I noticed that my school seems to be the minority that doesn't have English as a pre-req lol.

In disagreement with other posters, I think that taking the easier course is a fine choice!!! Making an easier course load will allow you to focus on my important classes, such as A&P or what have you. At my school, English was a requirement so I had to take it junior year (and I hated it). But I did take an interesting philosophy course as a elective prereq sophomore year... I really enjoyed it and it was nice to take a step away from the sciences.

However, every class is unique... go on ratemyprofessor.com and see which class you'd prefer. One class may be a boat load of reading and the other a massive amount of writing or vise versa... one may just be simply showing up and participating in discussion while the other is heavily focused on assignments and exams... you'll need to make this decision on your own!

Why not both? It might not be as bad as you think. Just saying


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I am getting ready to CLEP English Lit, so I haven't taken the actaul class, but the CLEP test isnt that hard at all. :p I have a few CLEP classes behind me, and a few more to CLEP so that I can get done with these pre-reqs quicker. I feel like I have learned more studying and CLEPing the classes that I did then I have in the classes I took as normal 16 week classes, since I could study in a way that suited me better. Just a thought. My program is fine with me CLEPing whatever I can.

I took intro to philosophy and I dropped it after 2 weeks. I absolutely hated it. I think English would be way better because it may actually help you in everyday life, unlike philosophy..... Maybe I just had a bad experience, but my professor and all of the students in that class were some of the most obnoxious people I've ever met. Anyways, end of rant, good luck to you! Lol

LadyFree28, BSN, RN

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Find out what classes are required for your program; you may have to take both.

In my nursing program, The requirements were two English courses and two Philosophy courses; per my experience, both Philosophy courses provided critical thinking and paper writing-a different level of critical thinking than the English courses, at least in my opinion.