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  1. For my pedi rotation this semester I have to write a 5 page paper on a disease process/problem that has some chronicity requiring longer term care of the problem. Any ideas that would be interesting?
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  3. by   AliRae
    BPD is the first one that comes to my mind. Broncho-pulmonary Dysplasia. It's a common problem with preemies that follows them throughout their lives. Often the neonates will end up trached, and we see them all the time in our PICU when they get older. Usually they'll end up getting decannulated, but some are trached for life, I believe. Anyway, these kiddos are some of our most frequent fliers, so they definitely require lots of long term care!

    Other than that, there are lots of metabolic disorders that'll have a kiddo in and out of hospital their whole life long.

    Good luck with the paper!
  4. by   rnsrgr8t
    Spina bifida is another good one. You could also describe the role of folate during pregnancy to help prevent it. Good Luck!
  5. by   navynurse06
    Down's syndrome is another one. Kids with this could have several chronic problems r/t the drown's.
  6. by   StudentNurseSteph
    thanks..i think im gunna go with spina bifida..:spin:
  7. by   rnsrgr8t
    Great! Good luck!
  8. by   nurs4kids
    I would hate to have to write a paper on Spina Bifida and limit it to 5 pages. It is soooooooo complex. Be careful not to leave out all the other processes that go with SB (hydrocephalus, neurogenic bladder, orthopedic issues, etc.).
  9. by   StudentNurseSteph
    do you have another idea you think would be better?? :-)
  10. by   muffie
    cystic fibrosis ?
  11. by   Anjann
    What about Celiac's Disease? It's really interesting, not alot of kids have it and it requires management into adult hood?
  12. by   pedseducator
    How about sickle cell disease?
  13. by   perfectbluebuildings
    Another vote for cystic fibrosis here. It is a fascinating and frustrating illness and affects many basic parts of a patient's life, there is a lot to managing all aspects of that illness.
  14. by   canoehead
    Kawasaki's Disease is about a five pager. It can go either way so attentive nursing care is important, especially during assessment, as it can be diagnosed as a virus easily.