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  1. pedseducator

    clotting factor viii

    I am researching, without much success, about human factor versus recombinant. I am aware that human factor should not be given initially, but I need literature to back this up or your experiences. Will appreciate any and all help I can get. Pedseducator.
  2. I am trying to find out from other Pediatric Educators and nurses if they have a policy for central lines, ports, PICCs, etc. that the patient has to have a chest x-ray before use even when there is a blood return and no problems with the device. I am referring to devices that have are long term for patients with illnesses such as cancer, thalasemia, etc. Your help is very appreciated!
  3. pedseducator

    No more buretrol/burette?

    Do those who do not use buretrols, use Smart Pumps and this is why you switched to just plain IV tubing? What is your success like? Any safety issues? Thanks my sisters and brothers in nursing
  4. pedseducator

    Use of buretrols in pediatrics

    Thanks Jolie! I will look there!
  5. pedseducator

    Use of buretrols in pediatrics

    I am asking other pediatric nurses their use of buretrols. Are you using them? If not, why not. Our hospital has recently told us we were not going to use them for our patients. Is this a safe practice. Any sharing would be GREATLY appreciated!
  6. pedseducator

    AMAZED at what some students get away with!!!

    I also want to sya that people are entering nursing for the so-called money and job security. Are our standards lowering because of the shortage? Are we willing to sacrifice our professionality---as a nurse for 35+ years, I am not.
  7. pedseducator

    AMAZED at what some students get away with!!!

    I am an instructor for a community college and would NEVER allow my students to act in this manner--they would be asked to leave and never come back. Where are the instructors in this situation?
  8. pedseducator

    Policy and Procedures

    I agree--the standard is yearly.
  9. pedseducator

    Trach Patient

    To help you out, go on-line to the different companies and they will send you free information for your patient, but it is stated so simply, it is a learning tool for you as well. The trach should have its size on the flang. Bedside should be the same size and one size smaller. Dressing changes are to be done when the dressing becomes wet which is frequent so if you don't need one it is better not to use dressings. Trach ties are to be changed daily at least. If the patient has had the trach for a while, the stoma is healed and replacing the trach if it should come out is easy.
  10. pedseducator

    What do nurses do?

    I teach patients, families, nurses, nursing students, CNAs, young doctors, residents, anyone who asks me a question and hospital personnel from all departments.
  11. pedseducator

    Pediatric Recovery on Peds Floor

    We had a baby who recieved a liver biopsy in the OR then transferred to the PACU (recovery) and PACU wanted to transfer the infant to the Pediatric Floor one hour post procedure with vital signs every 15' X4 then every 30" X4 then every 1 hr X 2. Our nurses routinely have an assignment of 5-6 children. We are concerned that the safety of this child is at risk. Yes, adults go to the floor but a blood loss for a 200# man and an infant are dramatically different in the event of a hemorrhage. I am concerned that if this will be the practice, it is a matter of time before a horrible incident will happen. What is your hospital's policy for pediatrics? Any advice?
  12. pedseducator

    Living Your Brand Promise

    Wonderful points. It is easier to have clean floors than caring and competent employees, I guess!
  13. pedseducator

    Professionalism in nursing

    I agree with Helllllo Nurse--once we start getting and giving respect, we will be more on the road of professionalism. We can't even respect each other and nit pick our colleagues to the point of childishness. We let politics rule us when we should be thinking about our patients.
  14. pedseducator

    PICU Nurses

    I forgot to mention that the heparin flushed are for central venous lines:) Thanks, Pedseducator
  15. pedseducator

    PICU Nurses

    I have worked PICU for many years and love it. I need some help with concentrations of heparin flushes for either age-wise or weight-based dosing. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Need to know what the rest of the world is doing. PICU nurses have huge hearts! Pedseducator
  16. pedseducator

    How are peds RNs different?

    Does you hospital have a oncology ward or give chemo on a general pediatric ward? Do they allow the patients to walk the halls while the chemo is infusing?