Pearson Vue Trick did NOT work for me and I PASSED!

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I just wanted to make a post in hopes that this will come up for potential nurses googling about the Pearson Vue Trick (PVT)

I took my NCLEX in January of 2017, and decided to try the PVT so many people swear by. I did NOT get the good pop up, cried cause well obviously it didn't work so figured I had failed. Nope! I passed.

The Pearson Vue Trick does NOT always work. Don't let it trick you!

This is was my second time taking the NCLEX, I failed the first one. It happens! I just picked myself up and studied some more. Passed it the second time with minimum questions. There is so much online help out there! So good luck to everyone!

Took my NCLEX yesterday I got all 265 questions and I did a special survey at the end. I finished about 7pm I tried the PVT trick last night and I got the good pop up and also this morning as well and I got the good pop up again. I hope it's a good sign but I'm not 100% convinced until I try again tonight at 7pm given at least 24 hours. I'm anxious as ever!! I got a lot of OB, SATA, Leadership questions, maybe 3 math, a handful of psych, not many meds, a few cardiac, resp, endocrine, couple burns. Pretty much all over the place!! Hopefully I passed!!

Hi nursing friends! I took my NCLEX RN on Saturday, Nov 17th @ 11:30 AM..I tried the PVT about 6 times..right after, 2 hours after, 10 hours after, the next day after, and two days after. My quick results are not up yet. I felt like I passed when I left the center..but when I did the PVT, I just got so sad and I even told my family I failed : ( It was my first time taking it. I used my debit card but only changed the expiration date and it said that it was declined and to contact my bank. I guess that is the bad pop up. I'm hoping there was some kind of glitch and there is some kind if miracle waiting for me. I took my test @ 11:30 am so i'm just waiting for my results now..kind of anxious and nervous, mixed emotions with hope and still devastation. There was an issue where the palm scan didn't work to sign me out and it finally signed me out after the 3rd attempt. I hope that there was a glitch because of that and that I did pass? : ( : ) ;?

Your quick results should be available in the next hour or so, so just wait it out. I hope you passed!

Hello... I got shut off the 85 and was completely sure I failed I checked the Pearson website And it didn't work for me I'm a good pop-up didn't appear so I got very worried But I just keep praying that God would help me pass ... and I got my official "quick results" and thank the Lord it's said that I passed!!!! ... I just really wanted to write this comment because I was sitting on my bed tonight after I took my exam reading all the comments and I read someone's comment that the Pearson trick isn't always accurate and they gave me hope and I just kept praying- so maybe this will help someone too:)) God bless you!!!

Hello! I took my NCLEX almost 6 years ago. The PVT may not work anymore or as what other's say it will charge your account and then just refund it to you when you pass. I wish you all the best! 

Are you saying that you put in credit card information, it took your credit card payment of $200, and then you found out later that you passed?

So did it make you pay for another exam?

No, I put in the wrong exp. number. Other girls from my class did the same, correct everything EXCEPT the expiration, did NOT get the "good" pop up, and passed

What was the message that it said once you put in the wrong expiration date? What pop-up did you get?

I don't get why ppl are trying so hard to defend this Pvt and say I did it wrong. I made this post for future nurses who do this stupid Pvt and don't get the so called "good popup" and get discouraged. You still have hope! I followed the directions and did it correctly. I also know two girls from my class that had the same thing happen. I noticed on all the other posts of ppl saying it didn't work there's always ppl trying to say no you did it wrong it does work blah blah blah. Gosh, it's annoying.


Extra Pickles said:
You were also one click away from doing it correctly. The "pop up" everyone talks about ONLY HAPPENS AFTER you have entered all that information, AND CLICK SUBMIT. THEN and only then do you either get a dialogue box telling you that you cannot make another registration at this time (good pop up) OR a box telling you that you have now registered for another exam, $200 charge made (bad pop up).

You did NOT do the PVT, you stopped exactly one step SHORT of it. There is no magical pop up that appears BEFORE you submit the financial info completely. If you HAD done that final 'click' you would know if the PVT worked for you (because it would have told you that you couldn't complete a registration again) or did not work for you (because it would have taken your $200 anyway).

Which is why it's a stupid game in the first place, but if you don't play it right, you can't say it didn't work!

Hi, i did the pvt too up to the final submit and it did not work for me too. I put in the right credit card details. After 2 days, i purchased the quick results and i passed. So i think there are cases that pvt will not work but you pass and most cases it will work. So dont bother arguing with people haha. Just saying! The most important thing is the official result and not the pvt ? im happy that some people give hope to others and not focusing on what pvt does.

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