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  1. belle980

    new grad high turnover

    It's very easy to understand what you were saying so the above commenter just wanted to be a smart aleck. I've never worked in a hospital so I can't relate to the experience you've had with your coworkers. But my best advice is to try a new work environment, you don't have to stay somewhere where you're not comfortable. The great thing about nursing is that there are so many different work options. Good luck!
  2. belle980

    Failed for the fifth time

    You definitely need to get Uworld, everyone I know who has used it was successful. Good luck!
  3. belle980

    New Grad RN in nursing home

    That is exactly what the interviewer said! That nursing is a small world so she appreciated my honesty. Anyway I was hired at another nursing home, so I'm excited to finally start working as an RN!
  4. belle980

    New Grad RN in nursing home

    So how do you suggest I answer that question?
  5. belle980

    New Grad RN in nursing home

    As most of you know, it's super hard for a new grad RN to get a hospital job. So as a result I've been interviewing at nursing homes just to get my foot in the door anywhere I can. Well I had an interview today and the interviewer loved me and said I interviewed well and was very pleasant. But then she goes "if I hire you and a hospital calls you in 2 weeks, are you leaving me?". I wanted to die because I knew the answer I gave would mess it up for me but I wanted to be honest so I said yes. So of course she didn't want to hire me (makes sense) but she said I should just wait it out a little longer because a hospital would be lucky to have me. But what if a hospital doesn't hire me for another 5 months??? Were any of you guys asked this question? How did you respond? Job hunting is beyond frustrating
  6. belle980

    It's Nclex time!!

    SATA are definitely hard. My problem used to be that I kept thinking that there should be at least 3 or 4 correct answers and I would pick an extra option just because it seemed like the right thing to do. I got better when I started picking answers that I was positive was true, so sometimes that might only be 2/5 of the statements. Also, it's a good idea to read each option like a true or false statement. If anything about the statement is wrong or makes you question it even a little bit then it's probably not the right answer. Good luck to you!!
  7. belle980

    Question about IVF clinic job

    Did you get/take the job? I interviewed at a fertility clinic today and I really hope I get it! It's an area of nursing I'm really interested in!
  8. belle980

    Fertility Nurse?

    I know this thread is a little old, but did you end up taking the job? I would love to hear how it's going for you. I interviewed at a fertility clinic today and I'm really interested in it!
  9. belle980

    Fertility Clinic RN

    I know this is an old thread but I just interviewed at a fertility clinic and I would really love to get it! What was the hiring process for you? Did you hear back right away? How are you liking it?
  10. belle980

    New Grad ASN RN

  11. belle980

    Phone interview

    I had a phone interview this morning for a clinic in NYC and soon after they contacted me about scheduling an in person interview for tomorrow. I just wanted to hear from people who had a phone interview first and a 2nd in person interview. What happens at the live interview? I was already asked a few questions during the phone interview so I'm curious to know what's next. I'm super excited because this position would be in a field that I'm passionate about, women's health. So I really hope all goes well and I get it! Any advice is welcome
  12. belle980

    Jersey College LPN to RN in NJ

    I did questions all day using Saunders online
  13. belle980

    New Grad ASN RN

    Yeah I think that I'm going to end up getting a nursing home job for now because I need to make money, and I'll continue to look for a hospital job
  14. belle980


    Uworld for sure!
  15. belle980

    NCLEX prep

    I only used Uworld and read all of the rationales. I passed last week on the first try!