PBSC Spring 2011 hopeful......

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Applied to PBSC RN Program for Spring 2011. Playing the waiting game. I decided to apply to the Belle Glade Campus.....

Sounds like it's really hard to work and go to nursing school. I'm guessing the priority needs to be nursing school rather than work even if you do go part time. Maybe a lot of people are trying to support their families full time, spend time with their families and go to school full time, which is very diffucult.

no most the majority of people are not working fulltime. some people do have children though

oh and the people who work full time have jobs where they can sit and study. ex one person has the night shift at the hospital

Good lord the suspense is killing me!!! I feel like I am checking my application status on pantherweb about every 5 minutes. I just need to know, either way so I can get on with my life! ha!

I know! I am just about ready to explode >.

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last semester they found out around the 21st, so I guess we will have to sit tight till around then


I can't wait that long...!!! I mean, obviously we don't have a choice, haha, but I think I might just explode before then! >. I sent an email (probably one of hundreds they are getting now) asking when they think they will know who is in, hopefully at least having a time to look forward to will ease my anxiety.. okay, probably not much! lol

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if they answer please post a response!!


Yeah, definitely let us know if they give you a target date. I figure though that they said approximately two weeks, and this Friday makes two weeks. They probably get less applications for the Spring than they do for the Fall, so if they answered around the 21st for the Fall, then maybe by Friday or early next week?

I am getting really anxious about it...but I guess my EXTREMELY HARD Pharmacology class will take my mind off of it. I am SOOOOOOOOO glad that I am taking now. It would be rough taking it 1st semester along with the lecture, lab and clinicals...as well as working full time!

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I think they prob get MORE applications in Spring, since all of the programs are accepting. In fall its just LW full time right?

Does anybody know what the cut off was last spring for LW full-time? Was it like 26 or so?

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28.9* something, is what they told us in the information session

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