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  1. Please help me..

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I started nursing school last august. I am scheduled to graduate in May. I've been having Back pain since january. It only hurt when I would sit down. However, it got worse and w...
  2. Starting in August - scared and nervous!!

    Dont work with adults than be a peds nurse. I dont want to take care of seniors either. just suck it up for school. when your talking about nursing MONEY should not be a reason to go to school to be a nurse. It should be the desire to help people...
  3. Wish You Had Known Then What You Do Now?

    Honestly that I would of had more fun and apperciated my spare time cause nursing school is your life and thats one of the hardest adjustments.
  4. Lactated Ringers vs .9NS

    well your not going to use lac ringer if your doing a blood transfusion cause it will clump (agglunate) however you spell that lol. NS is a safer fluid. you also flush with that. lac ringer has carbs in it so it will bring your sugar up.
  5. Why do you want to be "JUST" a nurse?

    most people do not realize what it really takes to be a nurse. you wont understand until you are in nursing school. RNs are undervalued by lay people but its just cause they dont get it. tell your friend to come to my school and take one of our test...
  6. Should I Continue Nursing School?

    I think you should stick it out. you are half way there. I think if you really honestly want to become a NP then you will stick by it. Nursing is not a giving up you gotta power through this part of your life. do you honestly want to give up and th...
  7. Did you ENJOY nursing school?

    so to sum it up i like whats it done for me just wish it didnt consume my life
  8. Did you ENJOY nursing school?

    mine is a living hell and my classmates will agree. but they toughen you up cause for god sakes your going to be trusted with peoples life. no pain no glory. it takes over your entire life. at the same time you feel a great sense of accomplishment. ...
  9. may i ask for advice

    hi everyone i was wondering if i get your advice. im in the middle of my adn program. i just finished up my peds rotation and am really interested in going into pediatric home health. i have a bachelors in business. what do you think is the best w...
  10. your a student not a nurse give yourself a break. we are learning. if you were perfect you wouldnt be a brand new student or a student right.
  11. We do 2 lectures a week each are 3 hours and a piece and one 12 hour clinical day. we take 2 courses a semester. the first week your in school more than that but after the first week its what i wrote above. every school is different. if you are tha...
  12. Anyone worried b/c you did RN and not BSN?

    Sometimes Im a little worried but my plan is to do a bridge program and get my masters. and yes im aware of the fact that alot of them do want BSN and will not make an exceptions. however some of them will just add on a couple of classes to your brid...
  13. How many study hours per night (do you average?)

    depend mostly 6-8 hours a day. nothing on clinical day. sometimes i will take a sat and just study 4 hours.
  14. Average LPN salary? Interested to know

    go the extra year and become an RN. more room for growth and a lot more pay and respect
  15. exam tomorrow

    My advice is this.... deep down inside you know that you did your best and that you do know something. remember its not like our prereqs when we can recall word for word what we learned. If you walk in the room saying I did my best now bring it o...