PBSC Spring 2011 hopeful......

U.S.A. Florida


Applied to PBSC RN Program for Spring 2011. Playing the waiting game. I decided to apply to the Belle Glade Campus.....

I'm taking pharm online too. So I'm basically on my own. I wish there were lectures posted online, I thought there would be! And there is sooooo much reading! My poor brain feels like mush.

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Phew! Frontloading has been a whirlwind! Is anyone else getting kind of floored by the fact that our first tests for both Pharm and Lecture are next week? I have barely delved into all the reading! I guess for those of you who are in class might be a little better prepared than me since I'm online so we don't have lectures to rely on, but still! SO MUCH READING @_@ I don't think I'm going to sleep again until summer break >.

Now i know how it feels to slowly sink in quick sand! :eek:

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theres nothing slow about it

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Does any one have the reading list ( test break down of chapters) for pharm 2 credit class?

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