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Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of study for the nurse Procalc and the NLN entrance exam for PBCC fall nursing program.

I read on line that this school works on a point system

I was wondering if anyone who has been accepted to the program

(past/Present) student: HOW MANY POINTS DID YOU HAVE TO


Anyone with info about the program, would be helpful.


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It was about 5 years ago so memory is kind of sketchy but I think it was 23. They really look at those NLN scores and your science prereq grades.

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I am applying for Fall 2008 at PBCC as well. The information session I attended in August stated that for Fall the usual lowest to get in was 22-24 and for Spring it was 16-18.

I took the NLN in Sept and got a 98th percentile, the study guide really helps. I'll have about 27 points.


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I got in for Spring 2008 (weekend). I had also gotten a 99 on the test and had 28 points I think. I think there were people who got in with less. If you have a 27 I would think you are in :yeah:


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I'm also applying for the Fall 2008 program and I plan on attending the info session in Boca in April. I can't seem to find the dates for the NLN exam anywhere. Does anyone know them by chance?

I plan on calling them soon, but can't ever seem to get in touch with anyone.

Thanks so much, and good luck to everyone!! :)


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Hey guys i am Going into my 4th semester and the NLN is just general knowledge its like an SAT's . That is the least of your worries you will do fine. The Pro Calc is a pain in the ass you will have to take it all 4 semesters! I just took my final one and had to get an 100. The thing is you can take it as many times as you want. You will get it! Just trying to give you words of encouragement there is a skills lab and an instructor named Mrs. Broome she is awesome at procalc anytime you need help see her. GOOD LUCK:D!!!!


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Hi everyone, I'm new here...

I applied at PBCC for fall 08 and didn't get in with 23.8 points.

I'm totally bummed out.

The college told me this semester was the highest points they have ever had in order to be accepted.

I wish I could have applied last semester, then I would have made it!

well, congratulations to all who got in, I know you must have had awesome points!


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I feel for you happy, I have several friends in the 23-24 range that didn't get in as well for Fall 2008. They got rejection letters that said the cutoff this time was 25.25ish, which is the highest it's ever been.

I think the changes they made last year with the chemistry requirement created a backlog of really high applicants. Take any co/reqs you have left over summer B, and then you should be fine for spring.

It's weird, I ended up with 27.99 points, my friend has 28.05, and another friend has 25.81 points. We haven't heard anything yet, so apparantly they sent out rejection letters, but not acceptance letters.


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I think I had 28 points. It was 27 or 28, can't remember. That was for Spring 2008 (part time program) which they only have 30 seats for. I think they have 110 seats for the full time program.


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I had no idea the point cut off would be 24-25! Wow! I had 29 points and It's official!! I'm in for Fall 08! :D


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Major Test Issues with ProCalc and TEAS

ProCalc : Incorrect Test Answer

The Procalc software randomly sorts database for series of cgs and English units of

volume and weights. There is infinitesimal low probability of that all weights and volume in particular problem will be in just cgs units. However, the rounding rules

for this particular problem does not apply. Since all cgs units are precise (exact) , they

are not rounded off. The Conversion Factors/Equivalents Table provided by PBCC says

that "household measurements are approximate and metric measurements are precise".

The round off comment for the cgs unit problem states " if necessary round off to nearest tenths". Since may final metric (cgs) calculated result was a precise 375 cc. The correct answer was .375 liters , not .38 liters. The round off was not necessary for an all metric problem.

TEAS : System Test Page Response Time (35 minutes long) given credit for only 25 minutes

I had taken the TEAS software generated skills test on 5/27/2008. The Math portion had

45 questions. that were quite simple.

1) The protocol of the test initial gave the user about 60 minutes to finish the test.

2) The user would answer between 2 -5 question before the system would go to the next page. It would take me about 30 seconds per questions, but it would take at least 4 -5 minutes for next page of question to be generated.

3) The test clock for each section would add both the time to answer the questions ( 2 minutes) and new page process of 5 minutes to the clock time .

4) I would start off each new page with at 5 4 minutes process time added.

5) I complained to the test auditors at the center, they told me just to finish the test.

6) Since more than 80% of recorded ( allocated) test time was utilized wating for a new page, I never finished the math portion of the test.

7) Note: In the math portion of the test only 25 minutes was actually used in answering question, while another 35 minutes was waiting for a new page to be generated.

8) I have engineering background, I should have able to answer all those questions correctly. My score should have been close to 100 not 82.

9) Since the software program was on remote server, there must have been network/application bottleneck, when I started accessing the ProCalc software, on 5/27/2008.


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I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a high applicant pool for the Belle Glade campus for PBCC?

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