Influenza vaccine

  1. It seems to me that there is this stigma and misconceptions when it comes to the flu vaccine. Many people seem to be jaded by getting the vaccine when they believe that the flu shot makes them sick. Also many of the general staff at the hospital are upset that they're basically forced into getting a shot, if not forced to wear a mask throughout the entire flu season. I have people that tell me that they get sick after receiving the vaccine weeks if not months after receiving the shot. Many of the nurses that I work with refuse the vaccine swearing that they get sick after the shot. I know that the vaccine is definitely not full proof as there different strains of influenza so taking the shot seems like a gamble. What are some of your thoughts? Personally I don't have a problem with getting the flu shot.
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  3. by   bjwojcik
    I always get one.
  4. by   Grobyc82
    No reactions when you get them?
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  6. by   Wuzzie
    I'm afraid "ConcernedLady" is going to make another appearance.
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    Quote from Wuzzie
    I'm afraid "ConcernedLady" is going to make another appearance.
    Would you say you're 'concerned'?????
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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    Would you say you're 'concerned'?????
    Aren't you?
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    Totally and me without my Vitamin C.
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    The inactivated or recombinant influenza vaccines can not make people sick with the flu. Nurses need to put this myth to bed.
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    Quote from Wuzzie
    I'm afraid "ConcernedLady" is going to make another appearance.
    Should I make some popcorn?
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  14. by   BCgradnurse
    I get one every year and strongly recommend them to all my patients. You cannot get the flu from an inactivated or recombinant vaccine. You can have some symptoms from an immune response, but they are mild and nothing in comparison to a full blown case of influenza.

    Now to go make some popcorn...