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bjwojcik has 30+ years experience and specializes in Pharmacy, Mathematics, Physics, and Educator.

I graduated from the University of the Pacific in 1975 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Prior to entering pharmacy school, I was a Chemistry major, but also had an interest in mathematics and physics. I am retired from pharmacy now, but during my pharmacy career I held positions in a variety of settings, including chain retail, independent pharmacy, clinic pharmacy, long term care, and hospital pharmacy. The position which brought me the most joy and satisfaction was professor at Heald College in Roseville, California, from April 2011 through March 2013. It was here that I learned how to teach pharmacy calculations in a way which could be understood by students with very limited math background to students enrolled in calculus classes. It was not uncommon for my students to complete the entire class scoring 100% on every test, including the final exam. Upon retiring from my teaching position, I posted a series of pharmacy calculation videos on Youtube, which receive hundreds of views every day. I enjoy answering questions from my viewers and appreciate all the positive feedback. I enjoy skiing, golf, camping, and volunteering in Yosemite National Park in my leisure time.

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  1. bjwojcik

    drug calculations

    You might want to look at this article I wrote awhile back. There is also a dosage calculation book attached.
  2. bjwojcik

    Med Math Help

    You might want to check out this article. You can also download my dosage calculation book there.
  3. bjwojcik

    Med Math Help

    So just to be technically clear, you are starting with 150 mL/90 min and have to end up with mL/h. You will multiply by 60 min/h. Min will cancel out leaving 100 mL/h.
  4. bjwojcik

    Med Math Help

    The only thing that matters is the 150 mL over 90 minutes. See if you can change that to mL/h.
  5. bjwojcik

    medication calculations

    Ok, great. It was written for pharmacy technicians, but the calculations are still the same. Most of the material you will need is in Chapter 2. Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. bjwojcik

    medication calculations

    Well, the way I have always taught this stuff is to not use formulas. If you look at my article and download my book, I think it will help you. The article is in pre-nursing and called Master your Dosage Calculations Before you get to Nursing School ...
  7. bjwojcik

    medication calculations

    There is 25,000 units in 50 mL, so that works out to 500 units/mL, which would be 250 units/0.5 mL. You are at 2 mL/h now, so you would have to increase it 0.5 mL per hour, bringing it 2.5 mL/h. Does that make sense?
  8. bjwojcik

    medication calculations

    There are a few ways of doing this. Probably the easiest way right now is to calculate the units of heparin/mL in the syringe. Then it will be pretty simple to see how much you have to increase the infusion.
  9. bjwojcik

    Med Math Question?

    Hi Nrsgstudnet1, The way you set it is is called ratio proportion. I prefer a method called dimensional analysis. You are starting with 62.5 mcg and have to change that mL of the 0.5 mg/mL solution. You don't have to pre-convert anything doing it thi...
  10. I put together a pdf that goes into a little more detail regarding solving IV Flow Rate problems using dimensional analysis than my book does. I hope you find this helpful. Solving IV Flow Rate Problems Using Dimensional Analysis.pdf
  11. The Typical Thought Process of a Student Working an IV Flow Rate Problem using dimensional Analysis A 59 y.o. male weighing 80 kb has been admitted to the ED and placed on a dopamine infusion at the rate of 45 mL/h. The IV bag contains 400mg of d...
  12. bjwojcik

    Teaching yourself dosage calculations

    Yes, that is the best method and how I teach it.
  13. bjwojcik

    Teaching yourself dosage calculations

    If you look at my article, Master Your Dosage Calculations Before you Get to Nursing School, you will see a lot of information there. There is a pdf in one of the comments which has all the information along with practice problems. You will learn how...
  14. bjwojcik

    Dosage calculation

    What is the drop factor on #1?
  15. bjwojcik

    Dosage calc for ATI testing

    It seems like your teacher is making it difficult for those students who use dimensional analysis and set the entire problem up before doing any calculations.