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patient attitude

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could you help me to answer this scenario?

Mr. x suffers from cystic fibrosis. he is 28 years old and has a chest tube. his parents criticize themselves because they think it is a heritage disease which has been transferred by them to their child. he is optimistic and has a girlfriend who loves her a lot. what is Mr. x's attitude of his disease?


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Methinks so.

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What do you think?

A "My life is more than this disease" attitude? Sounds like acceptance to me.

We try not to do your homework for you. We will help you think about it, though. So tell us your thoughts and we'll see if we can add to them. But you have to start.

My answer is: although the patient is sick and it is a kind of heritage diseases and his parents think they are guilty because of giving the disease to him, he is optimistic and this is a good point. Positive attitude to life help with treating disease and accelerate recovery process. In addition, He has a girlfriend who loves him and in this circumstances, he tries to fight with the disease in order to defeat disease and be with her girlfriend more.

There you go. Was that so hard?

"Heritage disease"? We call these "inherited," so I wonder if where you come from it's a different term.

please, somebody, answer my question

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In your original post you stated the patient was optimistic, which sounds like an attitude to me. Without more information from the patient, it would be hard to be more precise.

Another way to look at this would be to list possible "attitudes toward disease" and see it this describes this patient. Angry, sad, resigned, denying, accepting, etc.

As the mother of a person with a chronic disease, I tell you one's attitude toward their condition can fluctuate day to day, minute to minute.

please, somebody, answer my question

You have had several people answer your question, more than one of them by asking you what you thought, and then validating your ideas. What else do you want? Do you want somebody here to write your entire homework answer for you? We are here to help you to think, not to think for you. We already went to nursing school. :) You have your answer-- you had it inside you all along. We validated that for you. Full stop, unless I am really missing something.

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please, somebody, answer my question
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Tell us what your research has revealed to you.

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Ask your classmates who are also working on the same assignment! We helped each other out all the time since we study together.


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