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  1. AliNajaCat

    Will nursing wreck my hands?

    I would like to thank all the PPs for not ONCE mentioning how UNFAIR it is that we can't have pretty acrylic and polished nails like all their friends. Did the students not find this thread yet? LOL
  2. AliNajaCat

    Hyperbaric Monitors

    I just googled "patient monitoring hyperbaric" and got a lot of hits. It appears HP might have some, and there are some other mfrs I'm not familiar with.
  3. AliNajaCat

    Clinic RN vs Medical Assistant

    Do not confuse "job descriptions" (which are often heavily task-oriented) for the two with equivalency. MAs do not have independent autonomous licensure; they cannot be held responsible for patient assessments (again, pt assessment is more than "take vital signs"), and they cannot be held accountable for teaching. They practice at the sufferance of a licensed physician; the RN practices under RN licensure. The short answer is that MAs are cheaper than RNs.
  4. AliNajaCat

    Need help renewing my license for the first time.

    Getting mandatory CE is your responsibility as an RN. The BoN will not just send you a license if you send them the fee. The BoN will not send you CE, and will not necessarily recommend any (with the exception of any state-required course they mandate). Suggest you start investigating local nursing organizations, your hospital inservice education department, and nursing publications for opportunities to continue your professional learning. There's lots out there. Beware: some online offerings are only 15-20 minutes, and some BoNs will not accept anything that short. I get all my CEs from attending professional conferences. One a year would be enough.
  5. AliNajaCat

    NANDA website

    They're probably getting swamped temporarily. I usually get in pretty promptly. Try again later, as the Magic 8-Ball recommends. :)
  6. AliNajaCat

    What does pathological effects mean?

    WAAAAAAY too much information on these slides. If this is a presentation you're giving, the last thing you want to do is read your slides to your audience-- nothing bores an audience more than hearing somebody read to them. Make the slides only 3-4 bullet points each, and fill in all the rest of the information verbally. If you're giving the presentation, you're supposed to be the expert :) so practice, practice, practice until you can do this with minimal prompts. Are you going to cover cerebral and other aneurysms, or are you sticking just to the thorax and abdomen? Suggest you see about either attaching all this to your original thread with the same name, or renaming this one! I almost didn't open it because it's the same.
  7. AliNajaCat

    Are nurses actually people too???

    Ok. We're not. I am dreadfully overweight, stay in bed reading the paper and doing email until noon sometimes, and spend way too much time on AN. I keep looking at my wallpaper where it's peeling and thinking, "Geez, I gotta fix that." I haven't seen the actual top of my desk in months, maybe years. That make you feel better? Welcome to being a grownup. It may or may not get better, but life will go on! Have fun with it! :)
  8. AliNajaCat

    Assignment: Feeding tube w/dementia patient

    That's interesting. How long have these been in use? Are there any studies about pressure injury inside the nose?
  9. AliNajaCat

    What does pathological effects mean?

    Mass effect is the mechanical effect of a mass. For example, if you have a big benign tumor inside your chest, what effect does if have on your lungs' ability to do their job? If you have a big abscess near your esophagus, how does that affect your ability to swallow? If you have a growing aneurysm inside your head then .... You know an aneurysm dissects the layers of an artery, right? So if you have other, smaller arteries going off the one with an aneurysm developing, what happens to their blood supply? Suppose they're spinal perforators? Or the mesenteric artery? What are the effects from those being disrupted? You probably know that atrial fibrillation puts a patient at risk for emboli, because the blood just kind of sits in the non-contracting atrium and can develop clots. What do you think might happen if there's blood pooling in an aneurysm? When an aneurysm ruptures, what might the patient experience? Does it depend on where the aneurysm is? What might the nurse observe, depending on where it is?
  10. AliNajaCat

    I just want to be a stay at home mom!

    Second the "setting a good example for your children" part. They will see you working hard to finish an educational program so you can provide for them, sticking it out even though it's hard, overcoming your fears (you will, you know-- we all had exactly the same ones) and, if it comes to it, exemplifying the very important life lesson of, "It's stupid to stay with somebody who makes you feel bad." Think about how they will see you in 15 years, and you'll see what I mean. Life is too short. I am happy to say that my kids got those messages from their childhood on, and have had much happier marriages than the one I had with their father. And I have been a nurse for mumblemumble years. You can do this. Warm best wishes! Stay in touch.
  11. AliNajaCat

    EBP Narrated Powerpoint

    Keep your slides uncluttered-- don't put everything you're going to say on them, because then you're just reading your slides and it will make people crazy. Think of them as an outline. One or two ideas per slide Avoid fancy curlicue fonts An illustration or graph breaks things up, if your topic could benefit by it Practice giving your talk to your cat, or your Boston fern, until you are able to do it without looking at notes. If you have a time limit, set a timer while you do this, and see how it works out. Then do it for a live person, and take their critique to heart. Have some fun with it. Part of the reason for this assignment is to get you into the mindset of being a teacher, because nurses have to teach all the time.
  12. AliNajaCat

    Med Math

    I hear you on DA being "required" for your med math exam. What happens when the question you must solve doesn't require it? Then what?
  13. AliNajaCat

    Nursing care plan question, Nasogastric tube

    You don't "choose" or "pick" a nursing diagnosis "for" a piece of equipment. You make a nursing diagnosis of your patient based on your patient assessment. Step back and take a deep breath. What did you assess about your patient that would lead you to planning some nursing intervention to address it?
  14. AliNajaCat

    Care Plan Help: Diverticulitis

    Diarrhea IS a nursing diagnosis (p. 220 in your NANDA-I 2015-2017). Its defining characteristics re abdominal pain, bowel urgency, cramping, hyperactive bowel sounds, or loose liquid stools > 3/24 hours. Its related factors include (among many others), "treatment regimen." So, you have correctly made this nursing diagnosis: Diarrhea r/t antibiotic use AEB 5-6 loose stools per day. You don't PICK or CHOOSE a nursing diagnosis, you MAAKE a nursing diagnosis based on data. The NANDA-I tells you what data constitute evidence for making a nursing diagnosis-- and there you are, beginning to think like a nurse and making nursing diagnoses so you can plan care to deliver or delegate. That is precisely why you're in school.
  15. AliNajaCat

    Practicum Trouble

    Whoa, Nellie. You must NEVER, NEVER do things that are outside your scope of practice (you do have one- it's as a student nurse, with whatever limits the hospital, school, and BoN place upon students) no matter who tells you/shows you how/says "I'm right here, honey, you go ahead." You must never, never cut short your clinical hours because your program requires you to have them for graduation. This is not just a danger to your morals. It could get you kicked out and disqualified for good. Go to your faculty and explain this stat. This "preceptor" is practicing unsafely, and is encouraging you to do the same.
  16. AliNajaCat

    Second Degree ADN

    When you realize that the job market leans ever more heavily to BSN, why would you want to waste your time with an associates degree first? Take your other degree to an accelerated bachelor's-in-anything-to-BSN and kill all those birds with one stone. Take the long view-- in five years you'll be way ahead.