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Here are the Patho guides that I promised to put up awhile ago. Just right click on the link, and "save as." These were tailored to how my instructor taught the class, and what we were expected to know. They are a combo of lecture notes, notes from my book and additional info & graphics to help understand...I focused on these for the tests and got a high A in the class.

Good luck, and hope these help someone!

Hi all,

Could anyone tell me if Beta blockers and Beta adrenergic blockers are the same?


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maxandruby said:
Hi all,

Could anyone tell me if Beta blockers and Beta adrenergic blockers are the same?


Yes they are.

For those of you whom have posted study guides, links, and other saveable information, I thank you for your time and wish you were there when I come to the hospitals to do my clinicals. Though you may not receive a personal and direct thanks to your postings, please know that there are many others that feel the same :balloons: I am at the end of my first semester in the ADN program, and I know there are many more mountains to climb. The comforting guidance of contributing members here ensure I will find an answer and so I'll be back, again and again.

Here are the notes I have for those topics from my AP II class. I have all my AP notes posted on the AP I and II stickies. Please feel free to use them if you need to.

Hope these help you.





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Thanks to all who have posted excellen reference sites and review material! I am using these in pathophysiology/altered states

Thanks nso much for this information.

Daytonite you are one of my FAVORITES on this site. I have seen this mneumonic many times, but I just don't quite "get" it. So you need all three items (PACO, HCO and PH) to make your determination right? But this mneumonic only lists two things. I am really struggling on this stuff. Its only the COMPENSATION part that is messing me up. If it is just basic cut and dry - I get that, but am just now being introduced to this Compensation thing and its really throwing me off.

I would love some motivation from you. I am a new student in block I and I'm barely getting by. School is a challenge in itself and all I've ever wanted was to be a nurse. That in itself has been a struggle to get where I'm at today.

Thank you so much to everyone for posting these helpful websites, notes & quizzes. I love this site!

Thanks for the tips! I found out how easy F & E was when I started reviewing for the NCLEX...

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