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Here are the Patho guides that I promised to put up awhile ago. Just right click on the link, and "save as." These were tailored to how my instructor taught the class, and what we were expected to know. They are a combo of lecture notes, notes from my book and additional info & graphics to help understand...I focused on these for the tests and got a high A in the class.

Good luck, and hope these help someone!

I am gratefully indebted to all the previous nurses and nursing students who have shared notes, tip and tricks, resources and websites to help others like myself succeed in nursing school. Allnurses is the bomb diggity and I have truly amassed a large amount of information from this site to help me along the way. "Daytonite - I can only hope that I am as organized and as affluent a nurse as she was. May she rest in peace."

So very happy to have found this page..Thanks to all that posted the info..I am very thankful!!!

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