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  1. maxandruby

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    Most people would appreciate to be corrected. Especially, those whose English is not their first language. I think...go for it, tell her.
  2. maxandruby

    Thank you AN

    Thank you Leslie, No, my birthday was a few days ago...feel good being 29 (again!) . Max
  3. maxandruby

    Thank you AN

    Thank you for being here. I may not do a whole lot of postings, but I do come here to read regularly. AN always here for me when I need more info while I was in school, or when I feel blue after a hard day at work. I always find something related to what I need to read to educate myself and/or to make me feel better. Thank you Brian for this wonderful site. Thank you all members for every post you contributed. And, Thank you for remembering my birthday :). Max