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I regret to inform you all of the passing of "nrw350" . I was contacted by his uncle this afternoon with this message:

"Hi, My Name is Phil Walley, Nick Walleys Uncle. Letting people know he has passed away. He passed away on July 11, 2003. they found blood clot in his aorta. He donated his organs to help others. There will be a Mass said for him this Saturday July 19, 2003 at 11:00 am. please leave a mesage here. This is so his Family can read. Thank you for your praryers, thoughts, and condolences. " I know he read this board here on allnurses the most. He was intrigued by anesthesia and medicine in general. Just letting you all know.



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I would like to express my condolences to Nick Walley's family, and hope they can find some meaning from their loss.


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I offer my condolences and sympathies during this time of great loss and sadness.


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Boy, this post hit me hard. Nick was the first member to "pm" me and welcome me when I joined allnurses. And I was just thinking about that the other day and was thinking about sending him an e-mail, and now I come upon this tragic news. He was always so interested in our lives as nurses and always expressed a sincere respect for our profession.. And he had a genuine desire to get to know and understand people here, as well as make people laugh w/ his posts.

And what a truly wonderful gift he has given in his passing...the gift of life by being an organ donor.

I wish his family and friends my sincere and deepest sympathies.

I'll miss you Nick.


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My condolences and deepest sympathies.



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What a wonderful tribute. Also sending my condolences and deepest sympathies.


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Thank you Brett for passing this message on.

I am sad to hear that Nick has passed. I remember some lively posts that he made, and I also remember being happy to have his non medical professional input in the forums. His inpput will be missed.



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My thoughts and prayers are with everyone and Nick's family.


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My deepest sympathy for Nick's family.


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Please accept my condolences as well...

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My deepest sympathy for Nick's family and friends. Although I do not remember his username, he was still a part of the Allnurses family, therefore, I weep for the family's loss. :kiss

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I am sorry that Nick won't be able to join us as a nurse anesthetist. He would have been an asset to our profession.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family.


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