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  1. Ephedrine for prevention/treatment of PONV?

    I've seen it done in training once. The MDA doing it couldn't give a scientific rationale as to why she thought it worked. I presume it's parasympatheticolytic action may be the rationale. Personally,I don't buy it. There are a number of better drugs...
  2. boards

    I recommend this. Sweat book 1-2 times. Memory master at least 2 times. Study in short intervals (45-60 minutes at a time) and over a period of at least 4-5 months. you'll do alright as long as you adhere to this plan.
  3. Time frame from Graduation to Exam

    3 weeks
  4. Keller Army Hospital--West Point, NY

    Hello, I've recently learned that I'm being mobilized for active duty. It appears my likely destination will be Keller Hospital at West Point NY. I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with Keller, west point, or the surrounding area? Thanks in a...
  5. SSEP Monitoring

  6. SSEP Monitoring

    I don't understand why they insist that you do not use muscle relaxants. That doesn't make sense to me. It's SSEP not MEP............
  7. Physostigmine + Neostigmine

    doesn't make any sense...another example of voodoo anesthesia. sad.
  8. Low dose sux, subtherapeutic or good idea?

    i'm aware of that. there is a reason the RECOMMENDED dose is 1mg-1.5mg/kg for RSI though.
  9. Low dose sux, subtherapeutic or good idea?

    20-40mg is just absurd. what is the point of this? Either you give the drug or you don't. I can imagine the plaintiff's expert having a lot of fun with you after your patient aspirates.
  10. Cutting Balloon cuffs

    well....your first problem is that you should be extubating your patients in the OR. :) secondly, i wouldn't give a damm what the PACU nurse thought about how I extubated my patient.
  11. opinions

    true....but some people dislike the coagulation abnormalities associated with this product.
  12. opinions

    colloids are expensive and usually unnecessary.
  13. opinions

    Phenylephrine infusion. you can avoid the precipitous bradycardia and increase in SVR with careful titration. I always get a giggle out of watching people give ephedrine to a beta blocked patient. It seems counter-productive in my opinion considerin...
  14. Intrathecal anesthesia in Von Willebrand patient

    sonya, historically anesthesia providers avoid using any kind of regional anesthesia in patients with Von Willebrand disease. I know that some providers are putting epidurals in parturients with normal bleeding times. i think however, the consensus i...
  15. i wasn't offended.