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ERNurse752, RN

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There is also another thread about Nick in the break room, just FYI.


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I am really sad to hear about that. My condolences to Nick...


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I'm a newbie here, but any passing is hard so I will give up a prayer for he and his family too.


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My deepest sympothies go to his family

Qwiigley, CRNA

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Dang! I will really miss his humor and fresh view points. I'm sorry for the loss his family must feel, but I rejoice that he is with God. He will be watching over his family with utmost care.


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I am new here and thus never had the pleasure of meeting him - From what I have read here that was my loss as he obviously was an outstanding man.

My heartfelt condolences go out to all his family and friends.

Keep him in your hearts and memories and he will remain with you for the rest of your days.


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Reading through Nick's posts

I found this:

"I like to think that a person who might be described as "rude" or "awful" may only be that way out of fear or pain. And that a good nurse can help a patient get thru those emotions, and then there true self shines thru." 6/30/03

I am proud to be a member of a board he found worthwhile

so alert and caring

nursing will miss his interest

patients will miss his care

my deepest condolence to Nick's family


[i am the parent of young men]

May God guide you through grief, through sorrow

May love never end


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I guess I'm like Nick in that I'm hoping and planning on becoming a CRNA someday. Having been following this board and finding out the fellowship and support the different members of this board, from students to specialist, show each other I'm proud to have chosen this path and be a part of this community. Your son showed the caring and compassionate nature by his postings that would have made him a good nurse. Even in death his last acts were to give hope and life to others by donating his body. I hope someday when I reach my goal, that I will show my patients the same type of compassion that your son showed. Please accept my condolences and sympathies in this time of sadness by your family. B.T.H

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