Did all 205, but passed. This year has been so hard. Not only we're some of the classes hard but dealing with a class full of catty women was new to me.

I read the entire Saunders book and did 10 questions a day. This seemed to keep my mind answering the way the test wants you to answer.

Good luck to all who are studying!


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Hi congratulations! Did u find saunders enough to pass the nclex? Thanks.

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ONLY 10 questions a day?? what the hell?? and that was enough for you? you must be very brilliant. I did tons of questions and still didnt pass my first time. Congrats for your success. What do you think really helped you?


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Exactly. I did the whole Kaplan and did at least 50 to 75 computer sim questions a day. My exam is tomorrow. I have no idea if I am ready or not.


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I read the strategies to answer the questions. If you get below 75% read the section you missed in the Saunders book. Read the Saunders book and highlight what you don't know. Memorize the lab values and medication endings. If you come across a long chapter in Saunders be sure to at least read the pyramids and what's in red.


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Saunders is plenty. It covers everything and then some.


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I am taking nclex on Friday and I'm so nervous! I hope I can answer the questions the way nclex wants me to!! I used hurst. Any last minute advice?

Wow congrats‼️

I too passed with 205 questions... I read the Saunders book and did anywhere from 20-30 questions most days in 2 wks... Saunders is excellent for content n I used exam cram for questions. I also practiced sata questions from nclex pn 3000

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I passed mine too at 205. I answer Sander's like do 100 pages a day, read kaplan strategies in 2 days, and did Exam Cram. my whole review period was 3 months, for someone like me who was out of school for 2 years, I needed it.