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  1. Xaldin4life RN

    Nurses don't know the lab

    LMAO..not only do I have a bachelors, i have TWO bachelors! (both in Nursing and Chemistry)Please get off your high horse. Just because one is an RN, doesnt mean we only know nursing stuff. You dont know where many of us come from or our backgrounds. Now do YOU have a bachelors? why would you even ask me that question?(sounds like a Tech with inferiority complex) seems like YOU are the only one acting pompous and thinking he is better than others... No wonder the nurses around you cant stand you.
  2. Xaldin4life RN

    Nurses don't know the lab

    No, you are not yelling..you are simply whining and adding snark remarks about Nurses. You obviously have some issues you need to clear up instead of ranting on a nursing forum and comparing your level of education to that of an RN. If you hate your job place so much, then find a new one.
  3. Xaldin4life RN

    Men in Neonatal nursing

    Kentucky?? oh wow... Do they even pay RNs enough down there? Im kinda interested, but do you think its worth moving from NYC to Kentucky for the job?
  4. Xaldin4life RN

    How old are you?

    28 years old and counting..just became an RN last year.
  5. Xaldin4life RN

    Help me pass my NCLEX

    the 97 pgs can be found via youtube. It seems like a bunch of info compiled from Kaplan questions and saunders...the author brags about how great it is and how it helps with the NCLEX. Shes obviously full of ****. The guide is pretty messy, waste of money and didnt seem to help. Plus, if you took kaplan, there is no point buying that "guide" since its basically the same info...
  6. Xaldin4life RN

    Did anything really help you pass nclex?

    Ready-to-pass NCLEX review was quite helpful and made the NCLEX RN easier for me to pass.(at 76 questions) Their content review is AWESOME and their strategies are helpful especially for priority questions! Way better than overrated Kaplan(which didnt help the first time i took nclex)...
  7. Xaldin4life RN

    any career changers?

    Yea, my first degree was in Biology from University. I did tutoring, retail and lab jobs..then I went into nursing school at 26 and recently passed my NCLEX and now RN at 28. Yay!!!
  8. Xaldin4life RN

    Brand and generic medications

    i recently took mines, and it was nothing but Generic meds.
  9. Xaldin4life RN


    Thanks all. And to stdntnurse, I took a 4 day review course, then i studied the contents and notes little by little each day. I did this for 4 weeks rights after the review, then I took the exam. The day before the exam, all I did was review questions based on each category tested on the NCLEX(management, health promotion, pharm,basic care etc) I also reviewed common medications and EKGs for 2 days before the test, so they remain fresh in my head, lol. It was recommended to take the exam no more than 4 weeks after the review class.
  10. Xaldin4life RN

    HELP!! Failed NCLEX for the 3rd time

    sorry, but Kaplan tree does NOT work for Nclex! even my classmates who used Kaplan said that the decision tree didnt help them as it didnt really apply to their questions. It may work for some people, but Im not seeing it, nor did it help me when i used it..I finally passed without the decision tree. Seems to just make things more complicated. You dont need the decision tree, its waste of time and kinda overrated.
  11. Xaldin4life RN

    Any advice ? repeat nclex test taker

    dont waste your time with Kaplan decision trees. They dont work 99% of the time anyways. Knowing your core content and fundamentals is the key, along with NCLEX type questions. I believe getting a tutor would be a good idea for you, so you can figure out and focus on your weak points.
  12. Xaldin4life RN

    HELP! Best Tools to Study for NCLEX-PN

    Saunders is good, but I feel like they give you too much extra content that you may not need for the test. The book is good for content and questions, but can get overwealming after a while. The questions are good, but slightly easier than NCLEX questions and more straightforward than Kaplan. Try Lacharity for Priority/delegation questions if you are weak in those.
  13. Xaldin4life RN


    Thanks. Honestly the pharm wasnt too bad I guess. I had 2 medications that I knew, thanks to the study review and the common medication side effects that they drilled into our heads lol. I also had one medication on herbs, that was straightforward. So know your common herbs! The EKG was okay, if you learn how to differentiate the major types and the interventions needed for them. With the SATA(i hates them!) I just treated them as true and false and hoped for the best. These ones really required you to know content on the topic being asked. No decision tree or strategy can help with these, from my experience and the priority wasnt so bad, if you study your disease processes. I didnt get many delegations which sucks, because those are my favorite kinds..but ofcourse the exam doesnt give me the ones I like lol.
  14. Xaldin4life RN


    Thanks everyone. This time, I decided to take the Ready to Pass Review near long island NY. It was probably the best thing ever. I was able to focus more on my weakness and I was able to understand the Priority questions much more better, that seeing them on the examination made it easy to eliminate all the expected outcomes and narrow it down. They also brush up on topics that you only need to know for the exam, and dont bombard you with extra unneccessary info. I took Kaplan for the first 2 times and failed..so I honestly believe that you need to know your core content much more than test taking strategies which Kaplan seems to only focus on... Honestly I didnt use the decision tree for any of the questions my recent NCLEX and finally passed. It just doesnt apply to most questions. I only focused on the readytopass review book and questions and finally passed the exam in only 76 questions!!! AWESOME!!! I had 12 SATA, 3 medications, 2 EKG, 1 picture, 1 exhibit and no drag and drops(thankfully) Most of the rest were priorities and teachings. I would also recommend to know Orems theorem,herbs and Triage Nursing!!
  15. Xaldin4life RN


    yes, a wonderful new years gift indeed! Cant wait to start working and moving on with life. I pray 2015 will be a better year of success for all of us!!!
  16. Xaldin4life RN

    My NCLEX Story :)

    Congratulations to you!! i took mines last week and just found out this morning on BON, that I passed!! (also male RN)