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  1. Thank you for responding!! Appreciate it.
  2. Hi thanks for your reply. Can i ask if its ok why u left the job? And i have heard there are 3 locations in san bernardino. Will they be floating me? What if they put me to the dessert valley location and its too far from where i live can i refuse? Thanks so much í ½í¸€
  3. Hi any one here applied at San Bernardino County sheriffs dept as a correctional nurse RN 1? I have an upcoming background interview and i just want to gather some information about the application process. I have an almost a year exp in an acute hospital as a med/surg/tele nurse. Any thoughts about my transition to correctional? Hows the work going to be? Will it be harder than med/surg? I hope i will be able to adjust fast. Thanks to any one who will enlighten me. 🤩
  4. cherrybee

    Passed the NCLEX-PN 2015 in FL

    I will be taking my exam soon too. May we all pass...
  5. cherrybee


    Hi i am curious, for someone who failed the nclex, do u have to pay again for the board application fee, for u to be eligible again, or just the pearson for the ATT? Thanks
  6. cherrybee

    Test questions for nclex-pn

    I will be taking my exam soon too. for those who already taken their exam, did u encounter a lot of prioritizing questions? And for those who used the nclex pn 3000 dover did it help?
  7. cherrybee

    Passed NCLEX!! yeah!!!

    Hi which one did u take? The nclex PN or RN? Thanks and Congratulations!
  8. cherrybee

    Passed nclex pn with 205 motivational story

    For some reason your testimony made be teary-eyed. :) congratulations God is good!
  9. cherrybee

    Nclex pn

    Are there tons of prioritizing on your exam? Just curious. :)
  10. cherrybee

    Nclex pn

    Did u guys just do self review? Please share the materials u used.... :)
  11. cherrybee

    taking my nclex-pn soon..

    When are u going to take your exam? Will take mine soon too. :)
  12. cherrybee

    Authority to test and Licensure

    Hi is the permanent resident card, okay to bring at the testing site for identification?rather than the drivers license / passport?
  13. cherrybee

    Greencard ID for NCLEX?

    Hi guys just got my eligibility today. So i received this form of instruction together with my eligibility, just wanna ask if anyone of u, who have taken the NCLEX-pn, used your greencard for identification instead of driver's license/passport? Thanks
  14. cherrybee

    My CA-LVN Timeline

    Hi any update on the latest processing date the bvnpt is working on now?
  15. cherrybee

    CA-LVN Application Timeline

    Ok please post here the latest processing date they are currently working on.. if you don't mind. :) thanks