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  1. Hi any one here applied at San Bernardino County sheriffs dept as a correctional nurse RN 1? I have an upcoming background interview and i just want to gather some information about the application process. I have an almost a year exp in an acute hospital as a med/surg/tele nurse. Any thoughts about my transition to correctional? Hows the work going to be? Will it be harder than med/surg? I hope i will be able to adjust fast. Thanks to any one who will enlighten me. 🤩
  2. Thank you for responding!! Appreciate it.
  3. Hi thanks for your reply. Can i ask if its ok why u left the job? And i have heard there are 3 locations in san bernardino. Will they be floating me? What if they put me to the dessert valley location and its too far from where i live can i refuse? Thanks so much í ½í¸€
  4. Hi I am a Philippine BSN graduate 2007 that passed the NLE that same year. My question is since to be qualified to take the nclex rn here one should study again to meet the rn standards, will I be qualified to take the LVN exam without a paid work experience? I don't want to submit my application for lvn without making sure that I am qualified to take it... I don't want to waste money. And if I am qualified... should the school send the requested TOR and the like.. to me? Or to the boards? I am kinda confused... In the lvn instruction part says pass it together with my application so that means I should have it.. and another says the school should send it to the boards. I hope someone help me clear these things.. and I've heard after they review that application they will ask for the license verification [local] in the philippines.. is there a form for this? Thank u so much. Will appreciate your comments.
  5. cherrybee

    Lacharity book and LPN

    Hi i just want to ask if the lacharity book also helped with the nclex-pn exam? And how was it or how was it not helpful for those who have taken the nclex-PN? Thanks
  6. cherrybee

    Greencard ID for NCLEX?

    Hi guys just got my eligibility today. So i received this form of instruction together with my eligibility, just wanna ask if anyone of u, who have taken the NCLEX-pn, used your greencard for identification instead of driver's license/passport? Thanks
  7. cherrybee

    Passed the NCLEX-PN 2015 in FL

    I will be taking my exam soon too. May we all pass...
  8. cherrybee


    Hi i am curious, for someone who failed the nclex, do u have to pay again for the board application fee, for u to be eligible again, or just the pearson for the ATT? Thanks
  9. cherrybee

    Test questions for nclex-pn

    I will be taking my exam soon too. for those who already taken their exam, did u encounter a lot of prioritizing questions? And for those who used the nclex pn 3000 dover did it help?
  10. cherrybee

    Passed NCLEX!! yeah!!!

    Hi which one did u take? The nclex PN or RN? Thanks and Congratulations!
  11. cherrybee

    Passed nclex pn with 205 motivational story

    For some reason your testimony made be teary-eyed. :) congratulations God is good!
  12. cherrybee

    Nclex pn

    Are there tons of prioritizing on your exam? Just curious. :)
  13. cherrybee

    Nclex pn

    Did u guys just do self review? Please share the materials u used.... :)
  14. cherrybee

    taking my nclex-pn soon..

    When are u going to take your exam? Will take mine soon too. :)
  15. cherrybee

    Authority to test and Licensure

    Hi is the permanent resident card, okay to bring at the testing site for identification?rather than the drivers license / passport?
  16. cherrybee

    My CA-LVN Timeline

    Hi any update on the latest processing date the bvnpt is working on now?
  17. cherrybee

    CA-LVN Application Timeline

    Ok please post here the latest processing date they are currently working on.. if you don't mind. :) thanks
  18. cherrybee

    CA-LVN Application Timeline

    Any will do... but its better to include mail tracking service.
  19. cherrybee

    Nclex-pn 2014 applicants?

    Hi I just recently submitted my nclex pn application to the bvnpt last monday. Does anyone here on the same boat as me? Does anyone here also used method 3 the equivalent education? Thanks. :) I have read that there's really a long wait for them to reply. But it might be true for some but not for others. For all those u undergone the process of applying for the nclex pn through method 3 can you share with me your timeline? Thanks :)
  20. cherrybee

    Nclex-pn 2014 applicants?

    The yellow form is the Declaration of nursing experience and or license. It asks for the clinical exposure from different hospital duties we had. List down your clinical exposure from school already so when u receive it you can submit the form back right away. And a photocopy of your local license if u have. No need to ask the school to fill it out for u.
  21. cherrybee

    Nclex-pn 2014 applicants?

    Yes after 2 or more so months of waiting after you submitted your application together with the sealed envelope from your school. You will then receive a reply from the bvnpt with the yellow form they ask u to fill out and send it back to them. One week or so...after that, if there isn't any problems or delays you will then receive your eligibility.
  22. cherrybee

    Denied by CABON now to take LVN..

    Awww i thought we can go to school together ... you are too far..
  23. cherrybee

    Denied by CABON now to take LVN..

    Where are u located?
  24. cherrybee

    CA-LVN Application Timeline

    I think you're fine. Just send in your application and they will be the one to compile it there... just follow up your app and ask for updates...
  25. cherrybee

    I hope these tips help someone

    Where can i find the 97 page study guide?