Passed my NCLEX RN as a Foreign Grad!!


Hi, I just passed my nclex rn as a foreign grad!! I have been lurking in the site for a while. Some threads in the site gave me encouragement and some guide in my studying routine. After 4 failed attempts at last I can call myself an RN! My computer stopped at 75.

My references on my last exam are:

1. Hursts notes reviewers

2. Kaplan qbank and trainer

3. Feuer Audios

4. NCSBN practice questions

5. 35 Page pdf notes

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Congrats, welcome to nursing.


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congrats!! how much did you pay for the hurst review? and for the qbank kaplan?


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u did hurst and feuer?


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Congratulations :) I'm a foreign Grad. can you share your study material please my email:


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lemuel_RN - thank you! I got it from my friend :)

rdtolly - Yes! :)

Galapagos - Sent! let me know if you recieve them :)


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hi there! i'm a foreign grad too, from the phil. congrats! which do you think you recommend the NCSBN practice questions or the kaplan qbank? which one is similar to the nclex questions? cause i wanna take the nclex this may.


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Although Kaplan helped me too I think NCSBN is similar to nclex questions.

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Allnurses has a search feature in the upper right hand corner that if you type in NCLEX review in the que box you will find this 35 page PDF document as well as many other that have helped nurses pass NCLEX.......this document however can be found by you in this thread

Passed my NCLEX-RN! My NCLEX review material tips.

and here

and here

This way you can start studying earlier instead of waiting for someone to send you this study guide that another member created.

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