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This was my 2nd attempt with the NCLEX Beast. I took my test this past Wednesday (May 30). I am happy to say that I did the Quick Results yesterday and I passed!! I cannot tell you how happy I am. This was not an easy test for me. I had all 205 questions (LPN). I had so many resources...Hurst Review, Feurer CD's, Saunders Book and the questions from the CD, Kaplan Strategies Book, Maryann Hogan Nclex Comprehensive Review , NCLEX 3000 and La Charity. I did from 50-100 questions a day. I really feel answering questions daily has helped me and made me more comfortable with knowing my content.

If there is anything you need to know, definitely know your lab values. My worst fears are those SATA and of course I had at least 10 maybe more (I lost count). I had about 6 Exhibit questions, 1 drag and drop question, NO MATH, a lot of meds I have never heard of. I also had a lot of who to see first questions. Remember, the Nclex people want to make sure that we will be safe nurses before they just let us out there to the world.

To those that have failed...stay positive keep your head up and continue to study. Put God first. You WILL pass!!

Thank you Allnurses members and to folks like Diana2520, Mee2006 and many other AN Members who have taken time out to respond and share their experiences and resources to help us.

Hey congrats to you!!! :)

congrats dear...:hrnsmlys:

Thank you everyone! :redbeathe

congrats to u ! i hope when its my turn i'll be in your shoes and can say i passed!:nurse:

Congrats!!!! :w00t: That's amazing and you should definitely celebrate! i'm taking mines on monday :/ I've been studying with groups since april and have been doing some on my own with Kaplan's q-bank but for some reason, I'm just not into studying as much anymore.... I'm not as "anxious" compared to when we took tests in nursing school but I am scared. Any more advice?

Anyhoo, be proud of yourself :) Not to sound cheesy but it really does make me happy when I hear other PN's (and RNs too) pass their NCLEX :)

Congratulations! Is PN and LVN is the same? I applied for LVN licensure exam yesterday.

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!:w00t: I graduate next year and is nervous already.

at mistybrent08 -

yes they are the same ....license practical nurse. all the best to you!:up:

at divinely favored -

stay focused on school and you will be fine! ;)

Thanks guys :hug:

congrats.mommyoftwotee. I am going to take the NCLEX PN soon. I am studying from the saunders comprehensive review and saunder NClEX Q & A. Out of all the materials you used to study which one do you think helped you the most?

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