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  1. Blessednurse13

    Any former or new MDC LPN Students? please share

    @ab-ao sorry. I deleted some of my message try again. Thanks.
  2. Blessednurse13

    Any former or new MDC LPN Students? please share

    @ab_ao thanks. Check your message
  3. How was/is the program? what books are needed and clinical hours. Thank you.
  4. Blessednurse13

    Any Miami Dade College Student Out There?

    I know this is a old posted, but did you get in the lpn at miami dade college? How was it?
  5. Blessednurse13

    Ending 3rd semester of LPN Program !

    How to survive the first two semesters? what is the best pharm. study guide?
  6. Blessednurse13

    17 years out of school, if I did it, so can everyone too :)

    Amen. To God be the glory. very up lifting story.
  7. Blessednurse13

    New Lpn student

    Hello. Love this site. I registerd almost a year ago, but just recently started posting and exchanged comments with different students and professionals on this site. I spend more time on this site than FACEBOOK.
  8. Blessednurse13

    Passed NCLEX PN!!

  9. Blessednurse13

    My NCLEX story...8th times a charm!

    Congrats! In life one should never give up.
  10. Blessednurse13

    Nova Southeastern 2012 Entry Level BSN

    @Dakaylie I wish you all the best. Hope you get in.
  11. Blessednurse13

    Nova Southeastern 2012 Entry Level BSN

    Hi Dakaylie, I called nova and left a message. I still didnot get the email from them. I wish you all the best tomorrow. keep in touch and let me know how the interview went.
  12. Blessednurse13

    Nova Southeastern 2012 Entry Level BSN

    I applied for Nova fall term 2012. I received a email in April, stating that if I meet all the requirements I will get an iterview. After not hearing from Nova I started to lose hope. Today June 6,2012 I receive a call from nova stating that I have an interview for tomorrow(june 7). When I called the young lady back she stated that I should receive an email to register for the interview. I checked my email and there was no email there. I called back again and was told that alot of student was calling nova about not receive their email for registeration for the interview, and that nova will be sending out a second set of emails within an hour. She also stated that if I didnot receive the email she would personal send it to me. I am excited and nervous at the same time. CAN ANYONE THAT WENT THROUGH THE INTERVIEW PROCESS SHARE THEIR EXPERIENCE? THANK YOU.
  13. Have any heard anything about the LPN program. I have a friend that applied for the PN program for the fall term at the miami dade medical campus. When should she expect to get an email? Thanks.
  14. Blessednurse13

    Passed NCLEX PN!!

    @mommyof2tees thanks for the reply.
  15. Blessednurse13

    Passed NCLEX PN!!

    congrats.mommyoftwotee. I am going to take the NCLEX PN soon. I am studying from the saunders comprehensive review and saunder NClEX Q & A. Out of all the materials you used to study which one do you think helped you the most?
  16. Blessednurse13

    Do new graduates really get a job that easily in nursing?

    Pray! nothing is impossible with God. A friend of mine graduated from Nova southwestern university in December 2011 with a BSN. a month later she got a job at one of best hospital in florida.