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Passed Chronicity!!

So happy this Excelsior thing is really working out for me. I passed Chronicity, now onto Reproduction. It feels good when the test is done. The test was tough though. I think 160 questions is too much. I am very glad I took the practice test. I passed with a C. I think my aswers at the end, turned my grade to a C. That test was difficult after 140 questions. It was hard to stay focused. Very glad I passed!!! :)

I hear ya, and did the same today. Whew. People say it was one of the easier ones......oh no. I thought it was tough.

Congrats on passing!! :yeah:I agree 160 is overkill. I'll be taking the first exam soon. Are all the exams 160 questions or does it vary with each exam?


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Congrats !!!!!!!

Thank you everyone! Congrats to k9kabs!! To missy: H&S, Transitions had 130 questions. The rest I think(not positive) are 160 questions.

starting reproduction......any advise? I can't seem to get better than a B or a C. I use guide, sg101 and lisa arends. oh yeah and of course the practice exams. They really are good.

I found a site called nursing practice exams. They were ok.. Initially cheap, but I think she raised the price.

We are in the same boat k9kabs. I use Chancellors study guides and my old LPN books, and the practice tests. I would like to get a better grade just don't know how to get it. It's different not being in the classroom.Alot of info for one test.At least a C is passing:)

Ill let you know if I find anything. Just purchased that "nursing practice exam" for Reproduction. Not quite worth $29.00, but it lets me access it through my blackberry, while I wait at Dr's offices, etc. Not easy to drag books and a laptop.

Good job. Good luck with repro.


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Congratulations and good luck as you continue with your studies


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Way to go guys!!:yeah:


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