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  1. wintersantanaRN

    Western Governors University (WGU) Readiness Assessment

    How is everyone doing? I'm finishing up orientation this weekend then I'm gonna get started looking over the Cos for some of my classes so I can have a running start for May 1st !!
  2. I live in Chicago and did Excelsior. I graduated in November took my CPNE exam in September at Meritier hospital in Wisconsin. I applied for Indiana RN license/NCLEX and passed in January this year. I start my new RN job tomorrow in home health, getting RN experience in indiana so I can endorse my RN license to IL in 2 years so yep it can be done. Good luck to you
  3. wintersantanaRN

    Western Governors University (WGU) Readiness Assessment

    Starting WGU MSN in education May 1st I'm excited !!
  4. wintersantanaRN

    Passed my CPNE :) !!

  5. wintersantanaRN

    Passed my CPNE :) !!

    Thank you so much I sure will let you know when I pass the NCLEX !! :)
  6. wintersantanaRN

    Passed my CPNE :) !!

    Hey all, I haven't posted in awhile but wanted to let everyone know that I passed my CPNE at Mertier Hospital in Madison, WI September 13-15, 2013. It can be done !! I studied hard, read and broke down the study guide until I was dreaming CPNE and knowing it like I knew my social security number lol. Did all of the EC message center and phone PCS on the EPN. I also did weekly phone conferences with advisors and emailed them questions daily. I used Rob's CPNE items and I did Sheri's online workshop for about 6 months. They all helped me be successful. Control your nerves and perform at your exam with confidence and you will do fine. I used a grid and Rob's mnemonics and passed with no problem. I officially graduated with my ASN from EC 11/15/13 and now I'm waiting on my ATT to take my NCLEX-RN so my dreams are coming true. I also starting the RN-MSN in nursing education program at Western Governor's University in February 2014, but this could not all be possible without Excelsior College so keep at it and with hard work and determination it will all pay off. Good luck to everyone and you can do this !!!
  7. wintersantanaRN

    Straighterline Statistics course ?

    No I Haven't taken it yet. I've been studying hard for my CPNE that's in about 2 weeks. I plan to apply to WGU once Im done with the ASN and from what I'm reading on their FaceBook page from other students Stats is not to bad there. I'm leaning towards taking it with WGU when I start.
  8. wintersantanaRN

    Passed CPNE at Albany Med 6/3/12!

    Glad your ok OneFlyNurz :) Your awesome thanks for the info !
  9. wintersantanaRN

    Passed CPNE at Albany Med 6/3/12!

    I'm also interested in CPNE info im currently waiting on a test date my email is wintersantana@hotmail.com Congrats again ! :)
  10. wintersantanaRN

    Passed CPNE at Albany Med 6/3/12!

    Congrats OneFlyNurzGN ! I knew you could do it can't wait for my turn! Good luck on the boards :)
  11. wintersantanaRN

    CPNE wait

    I only applied late May and my wait for MPAC is already killing me :) I put a ready date of 7/30 but who knows when I will test. Im on the cancel list also , Glad you all got dates GL . !
  12. wintersantanaRN

    A moment of reflection...

    How sad , I use the info provided from his blog daily in my CPNE studies. R.I.P Redden and thanks for leaving future EC students a invaluable blog as your legacy to help others, lives on. :)
  13. wintersantanaRN

    Passed LS1 Today!

    Great job!! Good luck on Repro :)
  14. wintersantanaRN

    Who else is waiting on a CPNE date

    I'm waiting, I submitted my CPNE app this morning and an hour later I got a email that all my documents are accepted. I applied at both Madison WI sites with a ready date of 8/6/12 :)
  15. wintersantanaRN

    Passed LS3 Today !! I'm FCCA/CPNE bound !!!!

    I don't know if this question was directed for me but I never did an appeal of any kind with EC, so I don't know the process. Good luck to you.