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  1. LoopsRN2

    CPNE Notes from an EC grad.

    I think the critical elements are still very relevant, we just need to go through and tweak where would like to! I like your explanations of care plans and I :redbeathe LOVE :redbeathe your breakdown of the grid, something I desperately needed! We have a pretty large group about to take CPNE and just coming into the CPNE prep here at allnurse right now, and I wish I would have found this link a month ago! Congrats on all of your exciting accomplishments since your time at Excelsior! What an inspiration!
  2. LoopsRN2

    CPNE Notes from an EC grad.

    Bumping up some CPNE Notes :) They are dated, but still have some mnemonics, grid, advice, etc :) Many thanks for those that put this together!
  3. Passed LS3 with a B. I am totally wiped out! My exam was pretty hard considering how much I prepared for it. I had a Jeep heater malfunction, blew burning hot air on my feet for the 90 mile commute, I was roasting! So, I have transitions next week and worse yet, I have to find someplace to do CPR, ASAP!!!! I had no idea mine had expired, ugh!
  4. LoopsRN2

    Conquered LS1 today with a B, LS3 before LS2?

    I am taking LS3 on Friday, and I did them in order. The info from LS2 helped me with my material on LS3 (again, I have not tested yet though). Congrats on LS1 and good luck with your studies.
  5. LoopsRN2

    Possibly the Quickest $2000 Ive Spent!!

    Where are you finding the grids Beachie?
  6. LoopsRN2

    Officially freaking out now!

    Congrats on getting your date!!
  7. LoopsRN2

    Row call for EC students

    LOl!! No worries Just the standard pre-test yikes! I just took practice exam A for LS3 and got 77, and now I want to test tomorrow, lol! I know what you mean though, I HATE psych and LS2 was all about psych and it was tough. I am hoping that if I can finish work early Tue I can call my test center (80 miles away, ugh) and that I can still take my 2:00 slot if it is still open.
  8. LoopsRN2

    Finally ready to talk about my CPNE experience 3/25/2011

    MissingErica...thank you thank you for this journal.....I have so many comments but far too busy of a day. Will be back later :)
  9. LoopsRN2

    Cpne- 2mos plus 5-8month wait??

    oooo!!! yay!! i am hoping to apply for cpne shortly after june 8th and i am praying for august in wi!! this leads me to believe it may still be possible! thank you so much for posting good luck with your studies and you are in some very good company here!
  10. LoopsRN2

    TCN? LS3

    Oh darn it! What areas were you weakest in? There are some journal arcticles that are excellent at the EC Library that are specific for LS3. They are well written, easily understandable. I did a few for Neuro, MS, etc. Have you checked out flashcardexchange.com? There is a set there of like 291 cards. I don't print them off, I just go through them online.
  11. LoopsRN2

    TCN? LS3

    Hey Jan. I am taking LS3 next week. Was LS3 your first EC test? How did you prepare for the test? I have no experience with TCN. I make note cards from the Smeltzer & Pediatric required readings, review with Saunder's and do the practice exams. Good luck!
  12. Heidi, have you started a new thread here yet? You may be able to get a lot of feedback way
  13. LoopsRN2

    PASS LS3-

    way to go!!! i am so jealous! how did it compare to the others? what did you use for prep? i am trying so hard to get in for this exam friday, but so far no extra times available this week, ugh!
  14. Happy Monday!! As the board is getting a little more quiet, I thought I would do a quick roll call and see what everyone has going on this week! I think another poster passed their CPNE last weekend! Who is testing this week and what are you all working on? I am still working on LS3, but almost through all material, and hopefully taking practice exams this week and if all goes well, hope for a cancellation for Friday, but so far not one date has opened up this week so I am still scheduled for the 31st. Scheduling my physical with titers for the next week and my background check too! Whoo hoo! I also emailed my adviser to see if I could take the 1st "preparing for CPNE" online conference for May 31 without having my theory exams done, it doesn't specify on the website. What is everyone else up to?
  15. LoopsRN2

    What's your study method?

    Send me a pm on here Beachie, and I will find you!!