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in Excelsior College for ADN

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  1. anjule18

    CPNE Lab station set up

    I use my coat rack. It works wonderfully for me. I see your testing in Chambersburg. I am testing there in April. Good Luck to you!!
  2. anjule18

    Excelsior CPNE workshop vs. Sherri Taylor

    I went to Chancellor's in Indiana. Small classroom, 5 days of CPNE prep, And lots of hand on. Sherri is wonderful also, all I hear are people passing from her. Many people use her online only and pass first time round no problem. EC wants you to go there but from what I heard the classes are huge and the student is left still confused. I never went that way so I'm limited with information. No matter what we do, we get out of it by how much we put in to it. For me nerves are the toughest part to overcome.
  3. anjule18

    Recently applied and awaiting transcript review.

    I want to congratulate you for taking the first step. You can do this. This site is wonderful for feedback and inspiration. The more you put in , the more you will want to do more. You did make the right decision!!!
  4. Just read Tina Logan closed her workshop in PA May 2012. I live in northeast PA too. I am a half hr from Hazleton.
  5. anjule18

    hopefully cpne soon finally !

    Congrats!! You are CPNE bound!!!
  6. anjule18

    CPNE-my final attempt

    @ Loops, so happy for everyone who passed! I feel better than I did last year. I get my first time failing, my second no. I know the test is subjective. But in order to do a skills lab test, the supplies are to readily available which I didn't have. Well I know to check everything before the clock ticks. Lesson learned though it's an expensive lesson. I'm ready to finish:)@ineverseeyou, I will be doing that as well. I will pass it this time, and you will pass too!
  7. anjule18

    Excelsior exams, where do you take them

    Pearson vue centers
  8. anjule18

    CPNE-my final attempt

    I took Chancellors, they were wonderful! It was a hands on site. I am going to take Sherri's online program. I think I more concerned with the careplans, especially since the changes from the 17th edition. I thought the FCCA was rather simple, hogh I don't know what its like since it went to computers. I am sure yu will be great. Sherri is wonderful too!!!
  9. anjule18

    CPNE-my final attempt

    I took the test the first time and failed one year ago today. I took it again, failed(very subjective), and now I am going to start from scratch to pass this test. I am ready to begin, l know all that is stopping me from being an RN is a weekend of testing.(ok, a very hard weekend of testing,) ..I am wondering if there are others in my shoes, retesting? Is there anyone out there who passed after retesting, where you tested and the difference of passing and failing. Any advise is helpful. Thank you very much!!!
  10. anjule18

    Haven't been on this board in a while BUT...

  11. anjule18

    LS2 Question

    I also recommend going over a@p, read over the medsurg chapters as well that correspond to the test. I found that helped alot. Saunders has the info to pass the test, but I really think it helps to to read over the anatomy, and the med surg book helps put the disorders together nicer. At least it did for me. I am a visual learner. I didn't use the med-surg book EC says to use. I used my old one from PN school,and it worked out just fine. I hope this helps:)
  12. anjule18

    When is your cpne test date?

    I am retaking the cpne in two weeks back in Utica!! Oct7-9th, at least its still the 17th edition:)
  13. Hi, I took the EC nursing tests and passed them all. I took cpne and failed that. I am retesting in two weeks. My question is what are you using to study? I took a test every 3 weeks to 4 weeks. I used Chancellors study guides and my med surg book from LPN school,with the study guide from EC. It helps to go over the anatomy and physiology,especially with repro and LS series. Also, Saunders NCLEX-RN Comprehensive Review Book was a huge help in passing for the LS1,2 and 3. LS1 and 2 were hard,I have no idea how I passed LS2, LS3 wasn't bad for me. Some people did well with LS2 and LS3 was bad. These tests are so hard. Maybe you are overthinking the questions. Try to go with your first instinct. Its just a thought. The practice tests with Excelsior are invaluable. I would read over what I got wrong as well as what I got right. Many times questions are on the real test but maybe worded different. Hope this helps:)
  14. anjule18

    Passed in Syracuse 9/11/11! :-)

    So happy for you Beachnurse!! :)
  15. anjule18

    Leaving for Syracuse in a few hours!!!

    You passed!!! :ancong!:
  16. anjule18

    Leaving for Syracuse in a few hours!!!

    Good Luck Beachnurse!! You will pass it!!! Keep us posted!!!!!!