pass/fail with 265?

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just got home from my SECOND attempt on the nclex. i had the entire 265. ugh. i felt great going in thinking i would be walking out an RN, leaving i was in tears.

during my kaplen course (took after my first failed attemped with 256q's) i was told that if you get to the 265 point it is based on your last question. if you are above the "line" you pass, and below you fail.

i don't feel my last question would be annalysis. it was about the charge nurse educationg the staff.

i'm waiting for pearsonvue to say status delieved. right now it's just ready to be delieved.

i guess all i can do is cross my fingers.

Good luck.

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I believe that you can pass or fail with the max amount of questions. I had the MAX and I'm a NURSE!

Good Luck and Happy Nursing!!:nurse:

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i did the whole 265 q exam recently and did the pearson trick to calm my anxiety-got the good pop up and later got pass on my official results. don't panick-just relax and wait. hope u pass! :up:

Good Luck! I took it the second time last week and had 265 and felt really good about the exam, however, I failed again. :( My classmate also took her exam and did 265 questions and she failed as well. At least it took the computer that long to decide. I am really not sure what I am doing wrong, I did Kaplans and the state course, but I will not give up!

the pearson vue trick is giving me the good pop-up as well!!! YEAYYYY!!!

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