Parkland Dallas, TX Nurse Residency Spring 2018


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Hey guys, if any of you are in the Neuro ICU program or know anyone in it comment and I'll create a Facebook page for us! Good luck to all you guys who are interviewing, be confident!


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Okay so I got 5 emails back for a few RNI positions I applied for but they just request for copies of CPR cards, donthey just want to make sure we aren't lying about being certified?

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In case anyone is wondering, I took the dosage calculation exam yesterday and it was more than just dosage calculations. There were questions about specific meds and few other different things, so you may want to brush up on your pharmacology. It also appears to be on test for all of Parkland, as I am starting in the NICU and got mostly adult related questions.

@HCrn2B I applied to the trauma residency the very first day it opened, and got an email a week later asking for proof of my CPR....but as soon as I sent it in..nothing. Completely ghosted. I've even emailed back to ask if they'd verify that they get the card and nothing...


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I was able to have someone confirm that my BLS card information was received and that the next step would be departments I applied to must request an interview. I would love to confirm that they are still hiring for residency positions starting in January/February. They keep posting the positions so I assume the hiring process is still ongoing but I do not know anyone who recently had an interview scheduled so it kind of seems they are not doing much right now. I wonder if the holidays and vacations are putting delays in scheduling or reviewing applications at all.


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same with me :(

@UTABSN122017 that's what I've been wondering too whether the holiday and all the breaks have slowed down this whole process. But I assume they've been doing this for years, so I still don't understand the hold up.

I am just really trying to get in touch with parklands trauma program because I have a hospital in SA waiting on me to accept or reject their offer. I'm at quite a crossroads and not hearing anything from parkland is definitely hampering my decision.


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And they just posted another Trauma residency position a few days ago.

Trauma was one of the departments I applied to. There are residency positions now also that do not have a department listed. I questioned about one of these and was told it was for surgical specialties but did not state that. I really am interested in a residency position rather than other positions that hire new grads that are not a real interest to me. I do not mind waiting if there is hope but if I will not be considered, I wish that would be stated to move on. Have you tried calling?

yes, i typically call the talent management office...sometimes i call multiple times a day just for the off-chance that i talk to three or four different people who will perhaps all give me different little bits of information. all i ever get revealed to me is that my application has been passed onto the hiring managers of units XYZ, but from there its purgatory.

i went on an interview last week to the medicine observation unit, and i think it went really well. im just worried that if i accept an offer from that unit, that the trauma will call me for an interview...which i could not even ultimately get. at this point, im tempted to take a possible offer from the observation unit just to get my foot in the door at parkland and see what happens from there, especially since it seems the trauma unit is having such difficulty communicating with us.


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Great thoughts. I did not start applying to positions until mid November so I may have started a little late but my applications were put in quickly after positions were posted. A few of the departments I applied to may be run my the same director too, I think, which may be the reason there is no movement yet. I probably would do the same thing and take the position you were offered just for peace of mind that you are set for next year.

I do not think I am the best candidate ever but I do have a BSN and other qualities that have gotten me in the door for interviews at UTSW and Children's Dallas so I am perplexed what reason Parkland would have for not setting up an interview. I will anxiously await to hear something. Having the next step for some be blank is frustrating. In purgatory as you stated.


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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a specific color and/or type of scrub we need to purchase? When I had my interview in the Neuro ICU/PCU all the nurses were wearing royal blue scrubs but I wanted to know if anyone had any information. I am sure we will go over this during orientation but I am too excited to wait!


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I have no idea, it may be different for each floor. But for L&D they provide our scrubs for us