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  1. Parkland Nurse Residency - July 2022

    This is for new grad nurses who are/ have applied to Parkland Hospital's Nurse Residency Program that starts in July of 2022!
  2. I created this thread for those who applied to the Parkland Dallas Nurse Residency program for this upcoming February 2023 cohort. Feel free to ask questions, advice and share your experiences! Good luck to us all!
  3. Hi! I made this topic to see how everyone is doing. I applied for ICU and PCU at Parkland around 6/13 but haven't heard back anything. I did hear Parkland is a little slow in getting back to applicants but getting anxious LOL. Did anyone hear b...
  4. Parkland Residency Program Winter 2022

    I thought that there was a topic already for this but I can't find it anymore.
  5. Parkland Residency Summer 2020

    Hello everyone! I created this thread for those who are interested or applying to the residency program at Parkland for the summer 2020. I'm hoping this thread is helpful for those wanting to talk and ask questions. Good luck to everyone!
  6. Parkland Nurse Residency - Fall 2021

    Hello! Just created this topic to see if any other new graduates had applied to the fall nurse residency at Parkland. The status I'm seeing under my applications is still "we're reviewing all applications at this time."
  7. Parkland Nurse Residency Summer 2021

    Hey guys! Just wanted to start this thread for everyone who has applied to Parkland or who is thinking of applying! ?
  8. Parkland Dallas Fall 2018 Nurse Residency

    Anyone applying to Parkland? So far I only see SICU and ED
  9. Parkland February 2021 Nurse Residency

    Hello! thought I'd start a thread for those of us applying to Parkland ? Good luck to all of us!!
  10. Hey all, I accepted an offer into the Nurse Residency program at Parkland Hospital and just wanted to reach out and get to know future coworkers! I'll be working in the MICU and new to the Dallas area! Extremely excited to be done with school and sta...
  11. Parkland Residency starting Feb 2019

    Hey everyone, just wanted to start this thread for people who applied to Parkland Residencies! Just so we can ask each other questions and keep up to date on when interviews/job offers will be made!! Good luck everyone!!
  12. Parkland Residency Winter 2020

    Hello! Parkland has released their residency's for winter 2020. Has anyone applied yet? I went to apply to the L&D residency today 8/10/19, and it was taken down as well as mother baby. Anyone have any luck in applying or know more info?
  13. Hi, I am starting this thread because I do not see any other threads for the Parkland Dallas Spring 2019 Nurse Residency.
  14. Have been looking around in search that there might have been a thread started for the current application period for Parkland Hospital Dallas, Tx Nurse Residency for Dec 2017 grads, but have not seen one so decided to start this one. Is there anyon...