Parkland Dallas Residency Spring 2019

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Hi, I am starting this thread because I do not see any other threads for the Parkland Dallas Spring 2019 Nurse Residency.

Hi. I'm applying for the Labor and delivery Residency that closes today. What unit did you apply to?

Hi, I also applied to Labor and Delivery! Have you heard about an interview yet?

Hi everyone! I am super excited about the opportunities at Parkland! I had my womens health clinical at parkland and LOVED it! I applied to the Labor and Delivery Residency and hope to hear back soon!

@Heatherr008 i have not heard anything back yet.. i applied 3 days ago. When did you apply?

@Sharpelzee I applied August 24th! My friend got an interview for the NICU today, so I am anxiously waiting!

Wow congrats to your friend. Ours will come soon!

Have you heard from Parkland??

I have not heard anything.

There's a parkland residency mixer on October 5th or 8th...but that's all I've heard!

Does anyone know if they plan to post more positions?

Did anyone else get an email today about interviews next week for L&D!

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