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I am looking to find out if anyone knows of any good online RN to BSN programs. I have already looked at the Excelsior program and the University of Wyoming Programs. Those are the 2 programs that I could find that had reasonable cost. I cant exactly afford some of the $300 per credit hour courses. So if anyone knows of any other moderately priced online programs I would appreciate their input. Thanks for your time.

Erin RN

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Try Northern Arizona University..they have an RN to BSN online. I took some distance classes through them..distance students pay instate tuition plus 50% rather than the out of state tuition...


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You might also want to take a look at Fort Hays State University and the University of South Alabama. Both have great RN-to-BSN programs, totally online, and very reasonable per credit hour tuition rates.

Let me know if you can't find the programs and I will send you the links.

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Thanks alot Bill I am looking into both programs and will compare them to the other 2 I already have information on. The tuition for the program in Kansas is great, if they let me CLEP some on the class that might be were I go. I will let you know which way I go once I decide. Thanks for your time again.


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I am curently enrolled at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana through the Online RN to BSN program. I graduated in 1987 from a Diploma program and I am loving it. Teachers are great and cost is better than Excelsior and others. I would look into a local college that has a school of nursing. I have went to campus on occasion. It is a great way to further your education.:roll

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Do health care employers generally pay for online RN-to-BSN tuition?



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Larry, I am recieving tuition reinbursement and financial aid for my classes. In order to recieve the financial aid, I ahve to maintain at least part time status. This makes it more time consuming, but I will complete my degree in just over 2 years. I am a diploma nurse and I have to take alot of core curriculum courses to complete my degree.

Tammy:roll :roll

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I am currently attending the University of Alabama School of Nursing on line RN to BSN program. Great school - Took 11 1/2 calendar months going full time. I still was able to work fulltime but it was tough but doable. I found out alot of students went part time thru the nursing curriculum and it was easier on them but took longer. Completion of pre req classes had to be completed prior to being accepted into the RN to BSN program. Program was completely on line, never had to go to campus. Cost for just the RN to BSN classess and books was around 7-8,000 . That includes a "tech"fee each semester. I am out of state so that is not bad.


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I am taking classes through Univerity of Wyoming. I researched online RN/BSN programs for about a year before deciding on this school. They are very good with helping out in any way. The classes are not too hard. A lot of papers to write. No chemistry is required, this was a big deal for me. You can actually take 3 nursing classes before being accepted into the nursing program. The cost is excellent. I think this semester it was only 80 some dollars per hour plus 40 per hour for online fee. $120/hr is not bad. I know when I graduated with ADN I was paying about $225/hr at a small private college. E-mail the department of nursing at the university and they will help you with any questions you might have. The only thing that I don't like is I am impatient with taking the classes as semester based. I wish things were excellerated.


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I have been researching schools for about 6 months. There are so many and they are run different ways. Alabama told me I had to have a state License, I live in PA. I just posted about Wyoming and another school I am looking at is Fort Hays. I have narrowed it down to those, I think. It's hard. Anyone have any more information on these schools or go to them now. Pros and Cons, etc. I would appreciate more help!!!! Lyv33, your comments helped a lot. I just want to make the right decision.


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Sorry folks, but there is no comparison between university based BSN programs with hands on clinicals versus Online programs.

Online programs are more expensive because it is basically buying a degree. Excelsior college costs about $8000 just for an LVN to RN program and guess what?

The California BRN is no longer recognizing degrees from this college unless the candidate in question completes 360 MORE clinical hours and works as an LVN for 1 year.

There are NO shortcuts if you want to become truly educated.

I am currently in an MSN/PNP program at CSULB with extensive clinical time, and there were plenty of other programs I could have enrolled in that were shorter and easier (although pricier) but I wanted to do it right.

The online grads (RN) that I have worked with so far have been very limited as far as their knowledge and skills, so much so that our hospital is no longer hiring online (only) RN grads.

Yes it is more effort, yes it takes longer...but if you are serious about your career and performance and not just interested in adding initials to your name, then a hands on program is the way to go.

Just my opinon ( and personal experience) of course:)

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I think if someone is working full time as an LPN (in an ASN program) or an RN (in a BSN program) then they are getting more clinical time in than a traditional student. Plus, if they are motivated enough to complete a distance learning course, then they are working for their degree, not just "purchasing" it.

I think it's sad CA has judged Excelsior so harshly, especially in light of the new ratios going into effect. Oh well, then again, CA also elected Reagan, Brown and Schwarzenegger!

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