One Week Left Till NCLEX......


I have one week left to study for NCLEX. I am scared to death. This is my 4th try and i am so afraid. I have decided to practice questions from NCLEX 4000 and EXAM CRAM. I have studied content up until this point. The last three days I have done at least 1000 questions so far. I am going to keep doing questions till my test day. Any suggestions from you that have taken NCLEX recently on what to study??? I just need lots of prayer. I am hoping next week I can post that I am a RN! Thanks for listening. :)


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one week before the nclex...make sure u know your lab the infection ctrl mnemonics...

stop studying a day or 2 before nclex to give your brain a chance to rest.....

find a comprehensive test...get one that involes 265 questions and do your test UNDER EXAM CONDITIONS at the same time u are taking your nclex......lightly review the weak area...if its peds..glance at peds topics...but dont go all out studying for it......

on day of test..dont wake up tooooo easrly or too late.....relax eat a good breakfast...dont open up no book b4 nclex as it creates anxiety...

also review your delegation/mgmt as an overview 1 week b4 nclex...amd make sure u know how to answer "which pt is the least stable" questions...good luck


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Thank you for your reply and suggestions. I am just leaving it in Gods hands. I just hope me practicing all these questions will help this time. Just pray for me. Thanks.


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i will be taking the test next week too.. good luck to both of us to to others who will be taking the test.. we can do it.. :) i'll keep you in my prayers ;)


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Relax the day prior and work on your relaxation techniques. Good luck.

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GOOD LUCK! I will pray for you. I just took the exam on Saturday it was my fourth time and I passed. I did 3000+ question the week B4, two days before I studied: Labs, Infection Control, Did a few dosage calculations. The day B4 I just relaxed and tried to clear my mind. Said a prayer when i woke, up as i was driving to the test, at the test center and during the test. I would take a many breaks as you want. I took a lot when i couldn't figure a question out i would take a break stretch, get a drink and go back in and answer the question! Hope this helps


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Hi blynn,

As others have said, prayer (aside from studying & BREATHING) is key to passing this exam. I'd very, VERY, VERY highly recommend a prayer to St. Joseph of Cupertino. There are 3 of them in my post "long time lurker...first time poster."

I absolutely believe in a prayer to him because I did nothing special preparing for my final attempt at NCLEX other than praying to him. The prayers are nice because they reference being asked only the questions that you know...I'm not sure how else I could've passed stopping @ 75 on my third try 2 years out of school.

Anyway, prayers to him would do you well. All the best!