OU ABSN 2018 (2017 Applicant) - page 24

Hey there! I am looking to apply this fall for the 2018 OU ABSN program. Any others find their way here yet? I am still finishing up my first bachelor's degree but will be done in Dec. 2017. I was... Read More

  1. by   haleyreese23
    Sorry for asking so many questions guys, but since I got my acceptance late I think I am missing some information regarding orientation. What are we supposed to wear tomorrow and has a certain room been named for where we are supposed to go? I haven't been able to log onto my Student-self service and upload anything yet, so I am kind of panicking because i feel like I have nothing done.
  2. by   MelissaB91
    Hey, I don't think you are behind. There has been very little communication from the school. I attempted to upload back in January and it did not work. That was before the dates had been changed from the lawton group I think. Or could be user error. I seriously doubt any of us are very far ahead. Can't wait to meet people tomorrow
  3. by   haleyreese23
    That makes me feel so much better! See you tomorrow!
  4. by   ldowd
    Has anyone made a FB group for OKC campus yet?