Obama health care law upheld.

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I believe that the pendulum has finally swing to the other side in regards to it finally being an employee's market.... I do believe wages may decrease over time for RNs but for now the supply vs demand is in our favor and we should see perks...

I am just concerned about the quality of care provided to the masses, will every individual benefit, and can the economy uphold these changes...

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Yes I truely wonder what the effect will be for us nurses and health professionals overall.

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Yes!!!! Disabled persons and those with pre-exisiting conditions just won a big one!

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Just read an interesting perspective on this:

Health Care Future Bright for Nurses, Stinks for Doctors - Forbes


Obama is talking on CNN right now

No, I believe this will suck for nurses. Hospitals will get less and less (already happening) for care provided, and therefore that means nursing jobs will still be hard to come by. Maybe there will be nursing job growth in areas outside the hospital, but I don't see hospitals hiring more nurses. Which sucks, because frankly, even to get a job in an outpatient setting, hospital experience is required.

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I'm very excited and I'm glad this has been put to rest. I've been uninsured or on medicaid for nearly my entire life. I know so many others who are uninsured and unable to get insurance due to the cost. I've gone to the ER when ill and was treated like a criminal by the doctors and secretaries just because I didn't have health insurance. This is a victory for the poor and uninsured in our country.

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Yes...so much talk already that this is going to "give hospitals less...etc...thereby they will be hiring less and less people...a race to the bottom...blah blah blah" In what way do the people on the "right" explain this...everybody keeps saying that but none of them have any proof! If the system is now geared(in theory)to help more and more people...common sense( I use that lightly since we are dealing with businesses still) dictates that there will have to be more employees to meet the demand. The ceo's of all these major hospitals will just have to stop being so greedy! They are the ones causing this problem in our country in the first place...not the government. So to all you who feel that this is going to hurt us...tell us why...show us some proof...don't just echo what you heard on foxnewscorp!

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Not sure if I agree with that take(it does come from a magazine dedicated to keeping the status quo of the corporation) Yes it looks good for nurses and PA's etc..that is great...But it can be great for doctors as well...remember...the reason the cost has gone up is not because of these supposed "bad" regulations that keep us down..in fact regulations are there for our safety...do you want some unlicensed so and so performing surgery on you??? Or even fixing your plumbing???What do we want to go back to? The days when rivers would catch on fire and people were beat to death in nursing homes???HMMM I say theses "regulations" are good for all of us. The reason cost is up is once again because of the greed at the top. It is going to take a major paradigm shift for those at the top to actually start caring about people instead of their bottom line. That is really all this article is saying...doctors who have become brainwashed into thinking that the only way to survive is to play into the hands of big pharma and insurance companies need to start changing the way they operate...if enough of us start at the grass roots it can change! At the risk of being cliche' look at Patch Adams!~Doctors without borders etc...etc...it can be done.

Well, I can understand part of the physician's concern given it stipulates they get paid less if a pt is non-compliant. It puts a lot of pressure on us to get the patient into compliance.

For example : Im overweight thus not in compliance with my doctor's and nurses recommendation to lose weight and my diabetes / HTN/ etc is getting worse.... it's not my Dr's fault I cant find time to exercise and I cant afford to eat what Im supposed to eat, why are they getting paid less because I dont make time to take care of myself? It's not like there is a nurse or doctor coming to my door everyday to take me to the gym.

That's a simplification but it's the basic reason a lot of physician's don't support the act.

I personally find it shameful that we are the only industrialized so-called "democracy" that doesnt have nationalized health care. Im hoping the kinks will get worked out as we go.

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