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Since I haven't received any replies to the post that I made in "Recommended Reading", I thought that I might bring this down here to see if I got a few more responses. After all, these aren't really "academic" books, but reading aimed at the general population. These books are for "entertainment" purposes generally.

Summer seems to have started early this year. It's already hot and humid, and in my free time, all my body wants to do is pick up a good book and read read read. I'm definitely in my "Summer Read Mode." I dare not go on Amazon anymore because that "one-click order button" is really getting dangerous for me! :)

A few years ago I read "Baby Catcher" by Peggy Vincent. I loved the book but I've read it soooo many times - I need something new. Over the weekend, I ordered "The Diary of a Midwife" and "Immaculate Deception II" (Susanne Arms). They will arrive tomorrow, but I'm just wondering if anyone has ever read them. Have I made some good book choices here? If you've read them, what did you think? Is "Diary" anything like "Baby Catcher"? How do they compare?

Even though these books are already on their way, I'm wondering if I've made some good choice and curious to what I have to look forward to. Any comments are appreciated. After I've read them, I'll post a little review here if anyone is interested.

If you've got a book that's "easy" summer reading material, please share if you think that it's worth it. Yes, I know that we have a sticky for books, but I didn't get any replies, and I'm looking for books that aren't really academic in nature, although I really learn a lot from any book that I read - especially if it applies to OB. Thank you!

Happy Summer Reading everyone! :balloons:

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i've read baby catcher and loved it! :)

i would receommend "midwives" isbn: 0375706771

it is a great book that you should add to your summer list.

"the midwives tale" looks interesting, too. isbn: 0385335547; i have not read it but just ordered fom www.bn.com.




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Thank you for your suggestions, Michelle! That's a few that I'll have to add to my list. I'll be going to Colorado in June and I'd like to take something to read on the 14 hour drive.

Any others?


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I have read both of the books you ordered. I liked Diary, but not as much as Baby Catcher. Immaculate Deception II is a facinating read and some of the topics are controversial. It may offend some people, but I enjoy hearing new opinions on childbirth. You have made some good choices!! Enjoy your reading. Nerva

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Jenny McCarthy wrote a book about her experience...she used to be on MTV, in Playboy, etc. It's supposed to be grossly honest and really funny. Not sure what the title it, but I saw it on amazon.com


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Just to let you know about the book I had started. I'm half way through "Diary of a Midwife." Some of it is dry reading, and it doesn't capture the descriptive writing of Baby Catcher. So far, I like this one, but I agree with MinervaB. Baby Catcher is better.

If you all want, I'll let you know my overall impression of this book.

Next is Immaculate Deception II... and then I'll take some of Michelle's suggestions.


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Check the sticky above; there are LOTS of great juicy books there listed by members here.


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just finished "Angels & Demons" by the author of "The DaVinci Code"....Great!



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Actually SmilingBluEyes, I first posted about summer reading in the "sticky" above. After a few days of absolutely no replies, I decided to post down here.

I have finished "Diary" and I really didn't like it. As I said, it didn't have Peggy Vincent's descriptive value and while I applaud Julia van Ophren's work, I really didn't like the book. Parts of it were very depressing, and the end left me hanging. I would like to have know what she did after her 3 child was born. I wanted to read it myself to see if it was as good as Baby Catcher, and well, it wasn't. I just didn't get into it as much and I actually almost didn't finish the book because it was too dry. She would go off on one thing and then go into another direction. My brain felt like it was on an amusement park ride unexpectantly and unpleasantly pulled from side to side without any resolution from her original thought.

Sorry, I just didn't like the book. I'm anxious to read others though...


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Why not ME? The Story of Gladys Milton, Midwife. GREAT read about one of the last great grannie midwives of the South I could NOT put it down!

Here is a picture of it:


Bill Clinton's "My LIfe" will be on the shelves June 22nd.

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