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What is the youngest age patient you have taken care of or has b een on your L&D unit? I was floored the other week when we had a 12 year old in labor. Yes, 12 years old. Merely a baby herself,... Read More

  1. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from okie2
    First of all I'm not a nurse, only pre- right now, so I won't be contributing professional opinions....that said.
    A concern I have is that an 11 year old is even CAPABLE of conceiving! My friends and I didn't start menstruation until high school!! (14/15 yo) This was only 25 yrs ago. We wouldn't have been able to get pregnant at 11/ 12 yo. (there was only one girl that started in 8th grade). But at 11-we all looked like little boys!! I would be interested in the average age of onset of menstruation??? I wonder if this is an effect of our environment, pollution, use of hormones in food, etc. & I know young girls that have been put on BC in middle school to help with acne!! crazy IMHO. I also see girls in 2nd and 3rd grade who are suffering with early pubescence.
    It's scary to me that children are not only maturing socially too quickly but also physiologically!
    Anyone have any info or experience with this question? Am I making correlations that aren't there?

    I know there are studies out there showing a lowering of the age of the beginning of menstruation. I have my own theory though and it is the epidemic of obese kids. Estrogen is tied to adipose tissue.

    Most of the little girls my daughter age who are overweight started their periods young - one was 8 year old, tall for her age and about 30 pounds overweight. My daughter started at 14. So did I. My nickname in school had to do with being way too skinny. She hasn't been teased so far. Thank goodness.

    There is also an increase in diabetes in kids. All tied to being overweight.

  2. by   goodknight
    The age to start menstration has definately lowered. Myself @ 11 (barely) and all my friends followed soon after. And I was skinny. I have my own theory about this. I wonder if all the hormones that they put in milk and give to chickens, cows, pigs, ect. have something to do with it.

    Also It was my understanding you could get pregnant before you started having periods. Was I misinformed?
  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    No, you weren't misinformed. It's happened. But i would think that would be because the girls were on the verge of starting their periods, though?
  4. by   okie2
    thanks for the input- I thought maybe I was just seeing things
    and yes- we there are alot of hormones used in animals and chemicals that mimic hormones used in the environment.
    I'm going to research this further.
    BTW- My friend (resident in OB @ large city hospital) said the youngest she's seen was 12- sexually abused by a family member her whole life until the preg-so sad.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Ovulation happens before your period starts so I'm sure it is possible to get pregnant before you actually start menstruation. Teens are very irregular. And bleeding can be light.

  6. by   WhatToDo
    From a public health standpoint, babies having babies is really a problem. The US has the highest rate of teenage preganacy of any developed country in the world!

    I wrote my master's thesis on disclosing incurable STD status between new romantic partners and was shocked at some of the literature I read.

    It seems that sex education is lacking (as many of you have mentioned) and has been seriously overtaken with the conservative mentality that abstinance based programs are the best (despite substantial evidence that these programs don't work).

    Here in Texas, educators are not allowed to use the word condom in schools. And for those schools who teach kids how to use condoms and give them out, well they all seem to forget that you can't just give a kid a condom and expect them to be comfortable talking with their partner about wearing it. You have to teach these negotiation skills.

    If schools actually talk about STDs, they make them into the worst consequence of pre-marital sex, making them the worst thing in the world. No wonder around 40 - 60% of adults diagnosed with HIV don't tell new romantic partners before having sex with them!

    Is this environment, TV becomes the primary educator for sex. While parents have a lot of influence, many are scared to death to talk about sex with their kids. TV tells children that everyone has sex, that they never use protection, and people rarely get pregnant or get STDs.

    Ugh, it just makes me angry like many of you.
  7. by   riern
    Quote from z's playa
    In defense of the mothers....I don't think it's fair to say "Where were the mothers when their daughters were getting pregnant".

    A mother can only do so much (sermons, pamphlets, face to face talks) to prevent it from happening but in the end it's the girls decision.

    Unfortunately a mother can't sit on her daughter 24/ 7.
    As a mother of a 16 year old I know all too well we can't be with them 24/7. Trust me........I've tried. My job as a mother is to educate my children and know who they're hanging out with and try to stay informed in what's going on. Some of the mother's I've dealt with were knowingly allowing their teenage daughters 13-15 to date young men 18-21 and then just surprised at the thought these girls were pg. That's where I have the problem with those mothers.
  8. by   hock1
    Youngest LD pt was 13. She was very excited about being a mother. Her mother had her when she was 15...also excited about being a grandmother. As far as my 13, 10, and 9 year old. They know all about mutal masterbation, oral, vaginal, and anal sex; how to use a condom correctly; STD's, pubic lice etc. It drives them nuts, but I quiz 'em every once in a while to see if they remembered. They know these things because I had to suck it up and tell them. I was very proud when my 13 year old son corrected his friend, "you can too put a condom on wrong. You have to leave some space at the tip to catch the stuff". (yes I was eves dropping).
  9. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    While i have asked "where are the mothers" (parents, actually, sometimes i think there's not enough expected out of the fathers), apparently some have been right by their side, cheering them on.

    I will say, about myself, that at least from age 14, i knew exactly what i was doing. To blame my parents for anything wrong i did as a teenager would be scapegoating, and avoidance of any personal responsibility for my actions.
  10. by   z's playa
    Quote from riern
    As a mother of a 16 year old I know all too well we can't be with them 24/7. Trust me........I've tried. My job as a mother is to educate my children and know who they're hanging out with and try to stay informed in what's going on. Some of the mother's I've dealt with were knowingly allowing their teenage daughters 13-15 to date young men 18-21 and then just surprised at the thought these girls were pg. That's where I have the problem with those mothers.
    Well a mother knowingly allowing her daughter to date a 18-21 year old needs a good talking to. I agree with you..I too would have a problem with that. Holy moly!

    Was she trying to marry her off? At 13 years old the child can hardly be called worldly....what else does the man want with her but to have sex with her. Wha tdoes any teenage guy want for that matter...but the age difference at that age is significant.
  11. by   simona
    I want to tell you that I'm SHOCKED about thinks I read here! 11, 12 y.o in labour!!! My daughter is almost 10 and she still plays with the dolls, she was 7 when I had her little sister, one think she knows for sure: babies are anoying!

    I came from a eastern european country where my MIL is a midwife, she told me that very young girls are given a c-section because the body is not fully grown and a long difficult labour may affect the baby. She also thinks that this is a good ideea, there's no point traumatising this kids more that they allready are, labour can be a very scary and difficult experience for an adult woman. What do you think about this?
  12. by   Gabby_101
    I hope you don't mind if I post somthing, I thought you might want to see a teen point of view. I am a fifteen, where I go to school we have over 15 girls who are going to have a child or have just had one this year. The worst part about it is that about 10 of those girls wanted to have children, it was not on accident. I just don't know why these girls are doing this. There is a girl that is in 10th grade and going to have her second baby, I think that many of these girls either just want someone to love them or think that their boyfriend will love them more if they have a child, but as many of them are finding out, most of the guys are just leaving them. I am sorry if you dont' want me on here. I just wanted to post this b/c this is becoming a real problem. I can't even think of having a child now, I am enjoying my high school years. Not to mention further on.

    Wanna be L&D nurse,
  13. by   hypnotic_nurse
    Quote from Gabby_101
    I hope you don't mind if I post somthing...
    Of course you are welcome to post here.

    Very young teen pregnancy is unfortunately nothing new. It's just much more widespread.

    My mom was a home health nurse in the 60s/70s/80s. She probably saw 10-12 new moms under the age of 13 every year; I think 9 was the youngest she had. Mom suspected that most of them were probably impregnated by family members, but nothing was ever proven and social services then were not what they are now. And she only saw the babies that were being kept by the families and not those given up for adoption.