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I am just curious. Would you ever work in an abortion clinic? Would you give pills that would cause an abortion? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   Stephanie D
    No, I would never assist in an abortion.
  2. by   GracefulRN

    Most of the arguments for working at an abortion clinic/assisting in an abortion I have read state that it is important to allow a woman the right to choose, but, in my experience, women who get abortions rarely "choose" abortion. They feel that they have no choice, most feel that they cannot support themselves, let alone a baby. It makes me weep. I pray for those women,because the pain that comes with abortion is deep and lasting. There has to be another way. Abortion has become "population control" for the poor sectors of our society and I am vehemently against it.

    OK, I'll step off my soapbox, but as smart, compassionate, and resourceful as nurses are it seems like we could do something to help these women. Just my $0.02
  3. by   fergus51
    Like what? Just curious, but I don't know how to make childbearing a better choice than abortion for the women who chose abortion.
  4. by   GracefulRN
    Quote from fergus51
    Like what? Just curious, but I don't know how to make childbearing a better choice than abortion for the women who chose abortion.

    As a group, I am not sure either what "specifically" nurses could do to make childbearing a more feasible option to those contemplating abortion, but as people who care perhaps we could make these ladies aware of the resources available to them that they might not be aware of, eg parenting courses for the indigent, healthcare for their babies, support groups, financial serices availble to them and so on. Now I know I'm preaching to the choir, but it is my view that nurses as patient advocates are duty bound to educate their patients so that at least they can make an informed decision. I guess I am just angry that ourgovernment instead of investing in programs that could make a difference in the lifes of these young women chooses instead to use abortion as a tool to cull the poor.
  5. by   nurturing_angel
    I, personally, believe that abortion is wrong and I will not ever, under any circumstances consider working in a atmosphere where abortions are performed. Having said that, abortion is a very personal decision and one that I cannot make for others. I understand that some women could not carry and deliver a baby under certain circumstances, such as rapes, incest, too old or too young, physical disability or mental disability. Who I am to decide to make them face this situation in a way that they are not able too. I have no problems with caring for women who have had abortions and I give them the same loving care that all my new moms recieve.
    Abortion is between the woman and the whatever/whoever she worships as her God. I will not judge or condemn but I will not against my principles either.
  6. by   nekhismom
    Quote from ejm99
    I just saw on the news about 3-4 days ago that there is talk about making the "morning after pill" available OTC!

    I'm not so sure that's a good thing to do.....
    I as I said am pro choice and have had an abortion. I'm not ashamed of the fact more regretful that I got pregnant to begin with...and know that the availability of the morning after pill ...or lack of availibilty at the time wouldn't have made a difference since in my particular case I was on birth control pills....

    so I had no reason to believe I WOULD get preg. to begin w/ no less find out in time to take that as an alternative.

    but quite honestly how can those who morally believe abortion is wrong think the morning after pill is right? I guess it depends on how and when they feel "life" begins?

    am I missing something?
    I believe literature I have read about the morning after pill states that it will only prevent conception if it has not already occured. It does not prevent implantation if conception has already occured. It is like many birth control pills in that way. Or at least that is my understanding of it.
  7. by   TinyNurse
    I would do it.
  8. by   Jrnalist2RNinOR
    Yes, I would.
  9. by   webbiedebbie
    Ten years ago, I worked at a hospital that did abortions. They were done on the PP unit. At that time, I knew they were being done, and I tried (and succeeded) to get out of them. However, my coworkers judged me and said that even though I had the right to refuse, they didn't appreciate that I was not doing my job! I left a few months later.

    Long story short, I worked at that hospital again last year. I have since matured. No, I don't agree with abortion. BUT, I wasn't part of the procedure (they are injected in the physician's office and then sent to the hospital) so now I did take care of them during the expelling of the fetus. What I don't agree with is that the physician is not there during this and we are doing this on a PP floor! I had one incident where the pt delivered at 2300 in the bathroom and blood was everywhere from the bed to the bathroom and had to be mopped up by us, and the placenta stayed in until the MD came in during the morning and I had to take her to a small procedure room where he promptly "dug" the placenta out and he refused to let me medicate her beforehand! PLUS...I had 6 other patients and was working with only one other nurse who had 5 patients, so she was responsible for 10 pt's now. This was at 0600 with medications to give, Foley's to d/c, IV's to d/c, get patients up, etc. Plus, I had to then medicate her, take her back to her room, deliver the placenta to the lab and wash the instruments, chart and finish charting off on my other pt's, and then give report!

    When I talked to my manager about it afterward (on overtime!), she said these should be done in the OR but they can't convince the MD to do it there!

    What else bothers me is that we nurses help each other on these. Sometimes, the two of us are busy with the pt delivering and cleaning up that our other patients are neglected and I don't think it is fair to the moms with babies to hear someone yelling and screaming while delivering a fetus.

    To answer the original question: I would not intentially work in an abortion clinic. I do not believe they are right, but that is my choice. The woman made her choice and that is her right.
  10. by   tamrnmomof4
    No I would not. But if I would care for a patient that had had one done, and give her the best care that I could.

  11. by   Spidey's mom
    In my reading, there are at least 4 ways the morning after pill works:

    How Does the Morning After Pill Work?

    The first two pills must be taken within 72 hours after intercourse, followed by two more pills 12 hours later.

    There are four possible mechanisms by which Preven can prevent a pregnancy:

    Ovulation may be prevented (in which case the egg will not be released).

    The menstrual cycle may be altered, which will delay ovulation.

    Alterations may occur to the uterine wall, interfering with the ability of the fertilized egg to implant within the uterus. 5

    Sperm penetration or migration may be affected.

    4 CARENET "Emergency Contraceptive-Three Methods," 2000
    5 www.morningafterpill.org/mapinfo1.htm
  12. by   tamrnmomof4
    I would love to see birth control be over the counter, and the cost greatly reduced. I think this would help eliminate the need for many abortions.

  13. by   tamrnmomof4
    Quote from tamrnmomof4
    I would love to see birth control be over the counter, and the cost greatly reduced. I think this would help eliminate the need for many abortions.

    BCP ...birth control pills....that is!!