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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   robynrn2b
    Okay, here go the names---Parents who take their child to by kid's daycare had a baby---there last name is Morgan........guess what they named her? You got it MORGAN. Her husband thought it was "cute." My god! I went to school with a Stoney Hill and a Scott Free. I went to nursing school with a girl who named her kid Dackary. Some of them are just pathetic!
  2. by   KRVRN
    Morgan Morgan?????? That's just so wrong...
  3. by   KaraLea
    This isn't too weird, just thought I would throw it in here. My Brother and his wife just had a little girl...Madden Denice...their 2yr old boy is Wesley Donald.
  4. by   legsmalone
    Originally posted by KRVRN
    Morgan Morgan?????? That's just so wrong...
    Had a math teacher in high school named Thomas Thomas, he license plate on his car was TSQARED...:roll
  5. by   Dr. Kate
    True Love always got me, called her Trudie.

    The old names are sometimes a real hoot: I have an Uncle Orey Clyde (aka Dick), Aunt Leveta Pearl.

    I worked with a nurse whose "big" brother got to name the baby, yet another wrong headed idea. His name was Jimmy Harvey.

    I had a young, single English teacher in high school: Laura Krone. Some names should be changed on GPs.
  6. by   NicuGal
    I am LOL...the best ones from our unit have been

    1. Mr. Cowboy (Mr. was his first name, spelled just like that, and Cowboy was his middle name!!! ) They let his brother name him.

    2. Flazy....the mom named her daughter this because she was bound to be just like her father...f'ing lazy!!! We almost died!

    3. Carrion...isn't that dead stuff that vultures eat????

    4. Chardella Porcha Cherry ...her 13 year old mom named her...it was a combo of her name and dad's, the kind of car they wanted and their favorite ice cream. Lovelllly.

    5. Coochie

    6. General Sherman Sir...no lie :roll

    7. Wayne and WuWayne
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  7. by   ZORYA
    I grew up with a friend named Cinnamon........
  8. by   OneChattyNurse
    I started a new job in August and just realized that we have a urologist in the area named.....Dr. Dick. I kid you not...I almost died!!!!
  9. by   Cyn-D
    OK.. have to put this in. My son had a Junior High teacher and I am sure she married into this last name but I wouldn't have taken it. Fonda Cox. God, I pray noone from my hometown reads this! Have heard all the other weird ones that I have read so far too. Sad what ppl do to their kids.
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    I'm not sure which name would have been worse?

    Fonda Cox?


    Fonda God?

  11. by   Cyn-D
    Ok.. I had to go back and edit. God wasn't part of her name.... Just the beginning of my prayer there!!
    LMAO! I thought it was one of those hyphenated last name deals!

    But STILL!

  13. by   Cyn-D
    Had a patient once named Teewackie....first name
    We have a urologist named Dr Peters
    Went to nursing school with a girl.. her last name was Nutt.. she went to work at a Psych hosp--- Hi, I am Nurse Nutt.. can you imagine??