What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby? - page 204

Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   ElvishDNP
    Marco Polo (given names, not first and last)

    He was named after family.
  2. by   kikyo
    Best few ive ever heard are;
    (sadly one of my friends) twins named Flounder and Sebastian
    and one lady had named her daugher this. first, look how it is spelled.
    i thought it was something like leah or the likes until the lady yelled at someone saying, "its ledasha" ....why?
  3. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Slightly off topic, but I think its funny how some boy names morph into being girl names, and then people think the guys with that name have been shortchanged?
    Shirley and Sherill (Cheryl) and Carroll were all boy names years ago. As are/were Tracy, Stacy and Leslie. As well as Ashley and Brook - it freaks my kids out that I have two uncles named Brook (no E on the end).
    And is it my imagination that Chris/Kris for a boy is fading out?
  4. by   lifelearningrn
    Avery is another one girls are hijacking! And now I'm saying girls named Aydan which is a cutsie way to spell Aidan.. no boys name is safe.
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  5. by   Livvia82
    Iwanna and Ice Tea seriously i almost laughed in the peoples faces when i asked them to spell it. Its pretty sad when someone has no common sense. I mean Iwanna and Ice tea are ok nicknames but its pretty igorant when its your legal given name.
  6. by   crissrn27
    My dad is Stacy and most folks think it is a woman when seeing it in print and can't figure out why Jr. is at the end, lol.
  7. by   SchiwartRN
    I thought the "ABCDE" name was a myth, but a co-worker told me that a mom on our unit actually did name her child "Abcde" (Ab-se-duh) and could name the room she was in. A recent baby was named Belldandy Lunamoon...seriously...
  8. by   invernessfl
    I'm not joking but Brawny
  9. by   wbc
    I had a patient who was essentially illiterate. When the records office came to the patients room to fill out the birth certificate they asked what she wanted to name her baby girl. The patient said she was all ready named. What asked the records person. The nurse named her. I saw the paper. The patient named the baby "Vagina Female." And, pronounced it "Vageena Feemallee." She wouldn't change the name. Some girl, now a woman, is stuck with that name.

    Winona Cross, BSN RN
  10. by   annacnatorn
    I was working at the local School District, for a Head Start Program...some names..poor kids. I do remember some:

    1. A boy....Denari (as is the biblical name for money)
    2. A Girl....Ms. Keisha (so when she get married she'll be "Mrs. Ms. Keisha!)
    3. Boy....Sheat
    4. Boy...Vjay
    5. Boy..cumner...what were they thinking?....Can you hear it, Mom yelling out the door..."Cumner...come here now!" ...

    Tis all I can remember....

    Live for today, Laugh for today, Love for ever...Life is to short!
  11. by   Tarabara
    I used to work for H and R block and saw a lot of names, I couldn't believe how many people name their children William Williamson, John Johnson, Mark Markson, etc Way to be creative!
  12. by   RetRN77
    I kid you not, "Royal Sweat!" The mom had always liked the name "Royal" so that's why she chose it. Usually not one to interfere with people's preferences by even commenting, I felt I had to ask, for the child's sake, if the mother had ever heard the expression "working up a royal sweat." She hadn't! But she had had her heart set on the name "Royal" since she was a teen, and Sweat is not the actual familial name, but that's the way it's pronounced.

    Now, this may be the hospital version of an urban legend, but one of our attendings told this story:

    The registrar asked the mother for the name of the new baby and the mom said, "Meconium." The registrar then asked why such a name, and the mom said, "Well, the doctor named her. When she was born, he said, 'Here comes meconium!' so I figured that should be her name if he thought so."

    I also once knew a girl named Mescal - yep, for the mescaline plant.
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  13. by   RetRN77
    Quote from KaraLea
    Actually, this [Candida] is a REAL name. I have seen it in a few baby name books. BUT, the authors of the last one I saw it in did not recommend it because of the infection by the same name.
    Yep - real name -

    Gender: Feminine
    Usage: Late Roman, English
    Pronounced: KAN-di-də (English) [key]

    Late Latin name derived from candidus meaning "white". This was the name of several early saints, including a woman healed by Saint Peter. As an English name, it came into use after George Bernard Shaw's play 'Candida' (1898).

    "Candida Albicans" White becoming white, LOL