What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby? - page 172

Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   roamingessential
    I think you're probably right- I'm a Crystal and my biological sister is Jade....Amber is also pretty common in my age group (25-35) but Sapphire I havent heard before. and then theres lotsa old ladies named Ruby...
  2. by   roamingessential
    Also have an aquaintance who named her daughter 'Miracle' - this kid is so pretty it actually fits her.
  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from hopedrivesme
    i think you're probably right- i'm a crystal and my biological sister is jade....amber is also pretty common in my age group (25-35) but sapphire i havent heard before. and then theres lotsa old ladies named ruby...
    thank you.
  4. by   shrimpchips
    Quote from Magen1021
    The little girl's name was spelled "la - a" and pronounced la-dash-a! Why name your kid ladasha and spell it with an actual dash?
    That's similar to what my friend's friend named her baby..."t-a." spelled just like that, but pronounced "ta-dash-a".
  5. by   roamingessential
    sry, ruby, my grandmas name too I meant it with no rudeness- after all- my name is on the 'weird' list too...lol
  6. by   tbell2
    Quote from ShariDCST
    No darlin' - that does NOT make you lame! On her birth certificate, school records, drivers' license (some day) and so on - her name is JESSICA. You can spell Jessy with a "y" if you like - Jesse is traditionally the masculine spelling (aka Jesse James), and the "y" or "ie" is interchangable for girls. It's more in how you pronounce it than how you spell a nickname - it's how you SPELL given names that makes their lives hell on earth........and it's the ones who put y's everywhere but where they DON'T belong who are having self-identity issues and are foisting them off on their children! This, in my book, makes YOU perfectly normal! LOL
    Actually, my twins are Jessica and James. Jessy and James. I always make sure to say James and Jessy so to avoid that reference. Or we also call him Jay. We just really liked the names.

    Quote from Moss1222
    Had a neighbor growing up named Candie Barr
    and my husband SWEARS he knew a Harry Butt
    while he was growing up!
    My maiden name was Butt. (actually that came up a few pages back!) Before everyone had caller ID and *69, we would get prank phone calls for "Harry" all the time. We also got calls for Anita, Seymour, and a few others I can't remember just now. Not any real original kids out there. No one by those actual names in my family though. My dad did have a cousin who changed his last name to Butler because he was marrying a woman named Candy.
  7. by   rph3664
    Quote from futurenurse809
    Also another family child names were King and Urmajesty. Amazing !!!!????
    Thing is, calling a child "King" or "Your Majesty" or something similar is NOT generally a term of endearment!

    Ask me how I know this.
  8. by   BA2009
    I had a lady during clinicals name her son:

    Jed - I - Knight
  9. by   orgo geek
    my cousins name is sean
    pronounced see on
  10. by   bubbles2004
    twins girls:
    summer & cloud
  11. by   ShariDCST
    This is actually nice - I like it alot, because it shows some thought and consideration on the part of the mother - Twin Girls - Melody and Harmony.

    This is actually not too nice - I don't like it because it shows a complete lack of critical thinking skills on the part of the parents - once again twins, but this time boys - Levi and Garrett. (that's an old brand name for chewing tobacco, in case you were wondering.) Individually, that's fine. Levi is a nice name, and so is Garrett - but together...........
  12. by   canusgrandus
    On 1st day of "Mother-Baby" Professor brings 8 students into a room to demonstrate a BUBBLEHE. Twins, one of them named (I am not aware of exact spelling) Lochia. Needles to say everyone was fully aware of terminology except mommy. We all had to leave to compose ourselves. The teacher found a new patient.
  13. by   BigGirl513
    Here are 3 names I've heard:

    Ulysses Grant


    Crystal Chandelier (Chandelier being her middle name)