What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby? - page 115

Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   RNandlovingit
    oops last name is Dick, first name is Donnie.. just wanted to clarify..lol
  2. by   Daywalker
    Warren Warren... first and last name, no middle name. As for interesting initals, mine spell lab...and I'm a laboratory assistant. I always maintain I was marked from birth (and marriage didn't change 'em, either!).
  3. by   Daywalker
    Quote from bebebluz
    OMG!You would not believe some of the names I have heard in 24 years of nursing!:eek!: For example:Stone Cold Steve Austin(this was just the first name),Girl Baby(poor thing was baby #12 and parents had ran out of ones they liked),twins named Lemonjello and Orangejello(look closely at this one,Placenta,Lochia,Rubra...I could go on!These are all actual names.I think that it should be a crime to do that to a child.
    In some countries, it IS a crime to give your children unusual or *ahem* unfortunate names. Perhaps we should adopt those laws.
  4. by   ohmeowzer RN
    we had a baby named Crystal .. her last name was waters.. crystal waters... we had a twins named pepper and piper ( girls identical ) and a boy name " yahoda " i think he was jewish.. he had a brother moshe... cute little boy..
  5. by   BirthingBabies
    We had a baby born last week named "Unique" and let me tell you... he sure looked unique with the parents he had... both parents were white, very white, and baby was black, very black... and mom kept telling us she was trying to hide the fact that the baby really wasn't the "dads". Interesting story.
  6. by   mamababynurse
    By far the WORST:

    Vagina - mom pronounced it Va-geena.

    poor baby

    Also knew a girl named Ophelia Pecker
  7. by   thenurse2006
    Purgozo.... becoz the couple just loved to watch a puerto rican soap opera called MARIMAR. Purgozo is marimar's dog's name in the soap. eiihhh!
  8. by   camay1221_RN
    Recently had a pt name their baby "Radical" they were going to call him Cal. I'm not making this up!
  9. by   beachmom
    A very creative family I know gave all their kids first names that started with A's, and middle names that started with D's. The kids all go by their middle names.
    These spellings may not be correct. Yes, 8 kids in the family. I think they're done now.
  10. by   happybunny1970
    I went to high school with Baby Blue Eagle Bridges. Her sister was named Sugar or Honey or something like that. We called her Blue.
  11. by   L84TEA
    I saw in the paper that someone named their daughter Happy Horton, I though it sounded like a Dr Suess character
  12. by   RedWeasel
    I heard of one lady hearing the word meconium during her labor and guess what? I hope they did some education for her before the ink was dry.
  13. by   purple1953reading
    we had a Meconium, mother thought it was beautiful. In additon had a MONA LISA, and one named hers Gift Marie, but the next day could not remember and kept saying Prize. When I reminded her it was Gift,not Prize, she said Whatever, I could not remember!!
    Of course, there are the initials too, Anthony Sebastian Seifert,For example